Dukan Diet

This is my Dukan Journey. Scroll down and click on Dukan T-1 for the first entry and from there you can click on the next link and it will take you through my journey in chronological order… Enjoy the ride 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dukan Diet

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  2. You are a strong woman and a very inspiring person. Posting your daily achievements like this is giving me an insight on how you exactly achieved what you achieved. And you are right, hiding behind excuses wount get us anywhere. Your commitment is a good example for my journey as well. At the moment I have managed to get off 10 kg and I have 20kg more to give for my Dukan True Weight. But like you, I would like to lose a bit more than that.

    I was always a chubby girl growing up every year a little more. Finally after giving birth to my beautiful girl and going through depression, I’ve hit my highest. So far I feel safe and commited unlike the dozen other diets I tried in the past. But somewhere inside me I have a strong fear of failure. What if I stop needing to continue when I start to fit in my old clothes? What if I stop losing weight even without cheats? What if I achieve my goals but dont manage to keep it off? Basically I’m scared of losing my control. I’m scared of caring less about me like I always have.

    I just wanted to share my feelings with someone whos gone through similar stuff. Perhaps not the same but I think you would understand.

    My aim is to be more physically active.

    • The best advise I can give you of keeping it off (and I apologize for the tardiness of this reply, for some reason I am just seeing this!) is to follow Dr. Dukan’s consolidation plan exactly as written!

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