Finding Sandi…

It’s been a busy week! I started out with my typical day off and spent all of Monday cleaning house after having grandkids there all weekend! 😀

On Monday (or was that Sunday? Sheesh, I can’t remember!) I managed a walk with a friend over the bridges that I posted about last week…

Walking the bridges!

Walking the bridges! Around the 3 km mark there is a dock that goes out over the water! 

Then Tuesday and Wednesday a commute to job 1… the Center Director at an amazing birth house. Upside… I work with some crazy and fun people. Downside… it’s an hour drive each way and for only 3 days a week, which doesn’t pay the bills 😦

It's been a grey kinda week! Grey dress, grey hose, grey shoes... at least the sun is shining!

It’s been a grey kinda week! Grey dress, grey hose, grey shoes… at least the sun is shining!

Then on Thursday I started a new, every once in a while job, teaching at a college about 20 minutes even further from my home… Not complaining, as it supplements my income!

Then on Thursday afternoon I drove another 35 miles south to do some admin work for a midwife friend of mine who is converting her practice to electronic medical records. I spent the night at her house, so I could get an early start (and not waste time and money on driving!) and had this yummy breakfast…

Chicken sausage, mushrooms and eggs. Mmmm!

Chicken sausage, mushrooms and eggs. Mmmm!

Here it is finished…

Breakfast plated.

Breakfast plated. I love adding avocado!

I then set out for a long day of data entry and scanning. Totally worth it. As it could all be done via wifi I sat outside on the deck next to her pool and worked all day! The Vitamin D was welcome! BeBe loved it too…

BeBe loves being a Florida dog!

BeBe loves being a Florida dog!

Janice came home just as I was cooking this for dinner…

Stir fry: Omaha steaks with scallion, garlic, mushroom and asparagus! OH MY!

Stir fry: Omaha steaks with scallion, garlic, mushroom and asparagus! OH MY!

I have found myself in a bit of a rut and a little down the past few weeks. My plan was to come home, work PT at the birth house and take time to get my health and fitness business up and going. Part of the problem with feeling down is that I COMFORT EAT 😦     I have caught myself reaching for things (mostly dark chocolate or Fritos) when I’m feeling sorry for myself. Two significant things happened yesterday to kick me back on to the right path.

One… I spoke with Jamie, my amazing logo designer, about getting my web site for the business going. She is so encouraging and gave me an assignment to get the text going. So do know that I am committed to getting the site up by FEBRUARY 1st (I say this more for me than anyone else, lol)

Two… I got a message on Facebook in my “other” folder, while on the phone with Jamie! I opened it and found these words (I’ve not posted the whole message)…

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration your Dukan journey has been for me. I started Dukan on August 20th of this year and so far have banished 50lbs. I have about 35 more to go. Not sure how I came across your blog, but I have finally got caught up to date with your journey. Soooo many times I have turned to read a few days of your blog when I was battling cravings etc and the words spoke right to me!

Towards the end of the message the letter writer encourages me to write more posts, and I need to, and thank you for encouraging me to do that! This weekend I am going to write out a blog post schedule and STICK TO IT! Ironically, she and I started Dukan on the exact same day (a year apart) with the exact same weight to lose! How cool is that!?!!

I need to find myself. I need to take the time to immerse myself in solitude and write and write and write my business goals out, again, once more, so that it becomes clear again. I need to keep writing out my vision boards and focus on making them a reality. And I need to respect who I am, what I’ve achieved and continue to feed my body GOOD.CLEAN.FOOD! Because I look and feel better than ever!

How do you make sure that you turn your visions into reality? How do you keep yourself on track?






18 thoughts on “Finding Sandi…

  1. I hear you…I have so much trouble planning and then carrying it out. I seem to always feel like I should be doing something else when I am blogging or sewing…good luck with your plan.
    And get those fritos out of the house!!!!!!!!! You have come so far!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! I am cheering and praying from a distance!!! You Rock Girl!!!!

  2. Spending a few days with you inspired me to start my walking again. Keep your chin up and focus on your goals and all will come to be. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Sandi, I can completely identify with this post. It’s been a frustrating week here as well. Congratulations to you on the response to your blog. Keep inspiring all of us.

  4. Hi Sandi, keep blogging! You inspire others and as you say it keeps you accountable! You are an amazing person, be kind to yourself and its still early days being back home in the States Xx

  5. I don’t know yet, I will keep you posted. :-). And just so you know, if you are having a bad day and you cannot do it for yourself, do it for all of us who believe in you! :-). And yes, get those fritos out of the house. Evil temptors!

      • Awesome. I just got back from visiting my sister, bro-in-law and their kids. What a great time. Learned what an XBox can do. Wow, some of those fitness programs are butt-kickers! 🙂
        For me, BTW, it’s chocolate.

  6. I understand stress/comfort eating very well. I have to have “come to Jesus” conversations with myself when I feel a slip coming on. I always focus on how far I’ve come and how far I can fall if I slip too much. Beyond that, though, I’ve begun to understand that you do have to occasionally treat yourself and I need to not tear myself down over it. It helps keep my perspective correct, as in, food is just food. It doesn’t have power over me or my life. I have power over it.

  7. omgosh can i relate to this… so much on my plate in the way of plans and not a whole lot of executing going on — but you sound much more on the ball than me! you are such an inspiration in SO many ways — i am sure your new venture will be a wild success!!!

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