Dukan – Day 30 – Food and travel away from home

It’s hard to make sure what you are eating when you can’t cook it yourself. A good example of this would be the burger I ordered yesterday. When I took the first bite I realized that it had “filler”. Filler = gluten filled carbs or some other crap and I was SO disappointed. I sent it back and left the restaurant without eating. Ended up getting shashimi, and even though it was a PP day, I also ate a bowl of cucumber dipped in soy sauce and wasabi (wasabi is low carb and low fat… woo hoo!!!!).

So unless you stick to the “pure stuff”… steak, eggs, breast of chicken, it’s difficult to be absolutely sure that you’re sticking to the Dukan plan.

I decided to pamper myself with a Thai massage. I just wanted my feet done, massaged and reflexology… I ended up with sweaty palms and a dizzy feeling and begging the girl to stop, while she just laughed. It was funny, in a way, but very painful. She kept saying that my “lambo” was very, very bad… she was running along my lymph system and it sure as hell HURT! I mean, REALLY, REALLY HURT! Lymphatic drainage, from all I have read, should be light and non-painful! Anyhoo, she also did reflexology, which always amazes me because the places that hurt on my feet, correspond to the chart on the wall and they are the places that hurt on the rest of me… like my knees, and my uterus (which I don’t have). That part was awesome.

So here I am 4 hours later and I actually have BRUISING on my legs! BUT!!!! MY ankles are THINNER and so are my calves… I’m not kidding! I think she really got things moving along, even in her crazy way of doing it… hmmmmm. Anyone have any input here?
***I’ll post bruising pics from the iPad later πŸ™‚

I hope everyone is having a blessed week thus far!


7 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 30 – Food and travel away from home

  1. Found I to get your blog from your F/B page. The message sounded painful but successful in the end. Wouldn’t mind trying that myself. Too bad about the food problem. Hope it does.t interfere with the diet. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Mom… the lymph drainage, when done right, shouldn’t hurt. The Thai girls almost ALWAYS hurt… they do DEEP massage. Maybe some light massage for you!
      I think the food blip was OK. I’m back on track and none the worse for wear, even though I can’t weight myself… will buy scale tomorrow πŸ™‚ Love you!

  2. Wow. I have had some things hurt when being massaged too. Maybe that’s what it was for me too? I dunno. never thought of the lymph system. hummmmm.
    I dunno if I want a “hurting” massage, but I am ready for one!!!

  3. Oh, the trials of travels. My sister went to Ireland at her 30 day mark and could not touch her faves, fruit and desserts. She traveled with a group that had meals preplanned. Her advise would be just stay the course. Do your best.
    I remember she had to be very flexible with PV and PP days and not worry it. Take advantage of green and red veggies and pure meat. Sis had a good results, some weight loss and no weight gain.
    Happy adventures!!

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