Dukan – Day 114

Monday was a PP day 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Total Weight Loss: 51.7 lb/23.51 kg

Lucy and I woke up all congested from the smokers in the hotel room next to us 😦 And the sheets reeked of it… how does one smoke for 25 years, quit for the past 6 and manage to have such a friggin’ allergy to it??? Between that and the pollution I feel like I started smoking again… sigh. OK… that was my negative outburst for the month!

Out for a walk to the little cafeteria down the street from the hotel for breakfast once again. 1 boiled tea egg, a couple pieces of pork (with the fat pulled off) and some tofu with thinly sliced green peppers. This is like an open cafeteria… which is nice, because I can point and smile and they give me what I want… they still shake their heads, however, when I decline the rice 🙂

Then off for a trip to the mall… Lucy loves mall shopping I ABHOR it!!! She could walk for HOURS (and did) around a mall, trying on countless things and not buy a single thing! After doing 3 full laps around the “Cloud Nine” mall (seriously, 9 floors of stores!!) we couldn’t find the one store that we went looking for… Monsoon.

So, we hit up the Japanese restaurant for some raw fish. Mine was yummy… there is something very addictive about wasabi. I could eat it with everything!

Then back to more mall trolling. I am happy to report that I didn’t spend a dime (as usual), but Lucy finally, finally found a pair of boots… after 6 years of looking! YAY! She blessedly said we could leave 🙂

We then took the subway back to the Jing’an Temple exit and walked the 6  blocks to the hotel, got our luggage and then off to The Coffee Bean and Tea Co. for a last cup of latte. I really like this place, it almost makes me feel at home!

Then the subway to the train station and then the high-speed train back to Hangzhou, where Jerry, my new best friend and very reasonable priced driver, was waiting for us at the gate to drive us home… no more crazy, manic taxi rides… I’ve got Jerry!!! WOO HOO!

At home I totally didn’t feel like making dinner. I had a teeny salad (not PP, but wanted it) and a pot of FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and bran. Long couple of days, but fun to be out of town.


Quote of the day: Imagine yourself, a year from now with the body you’ve always wanted. All your hard work finally being paid off. Exercise, eat healthy and stay positive! You will get there! – from Pinterest user prettywildthin

4 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 114

  1. They’s is one smokin people’s huh? LOL yeah I’m allergic to cigarettes now too, after 20 yr, but I quit 10 yrs ago.

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