Dukan – Consolidation Days 11&12

Tuesday was a gym day and Wednesday was an off night.

Daily weight: 153.38 lb/69.72 kg
Goal weight: 155 lb/70.5 kg

Tuesday was filled with rewriting PowerPoint presentations and then out the door at 5! I got to the gym and did 15 minutes on the treadmill and the a one hour BodyBalance class… It kicked butt! It is by the same people that do BodyPump, but it incorporates yoga, Pilates and tai chi into one pretty intense hour. I’ve decided after the class that I cannot wear my pressure garments during workouts. They prevent me from using my abs and I need to use them. I’m on the lookout for compression garments that don’t have hooks and aren’t s hardcore to wear while working out.

After the class I took the subway back to my side of Guangzhou and walked 1.2 miles to the Arabic restaurant where I had mixed grill and hummus with cucumbers to dip in it.


Then a 1.7 mile walk back to the hospital.

Wednesday was a great day, as evidenced by the water birth post πŸ™‚ After the birth Jenny and I took the subway downtown so I could have western food. And I had my first CELEBRATION meal… Not that I did much different, but I had a burger, no bun, with bacon, cheese and mushrooms and a side salad. For dessert I had a crΓ©me brΓ»lΓ©e and cafe latte. Nice dinner… I had the jitters from the dessert… Lol. Not sure I’ll do that again any time soon. I then hopped the subway back to the hospital.

Today (Thursday) is 2 weeks since my surgery… I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! I am still bruised, but feeling better. I have weird nerve ending kind of stuff going on and the back of my legs still smart, but they are healing. Rose, my assistant took this pic this morning. Oddly, I have bruises on the bottom nowhere near where the lipo was and they hurt!


Another odd thing I notice when looking at this picture is that my hip width is smaller than my shoulder width. I’ll do measurements when I’m back in Hangzhou June 3rd. And for those of you who don’t know… Shane, Sofia, Sydnie, Sadie and JR are my grandkid’s names. Celeste has a special place on my ankle πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Days 11&12

  1. I have a pair of compression tights from CXW, I wear them running…I love them, makes me feel more held together! They make shirts as well…kind of pricy, but worth it to at least “look” like a runner…ha!

      • LOL… I’m going to look them up! I want to feel protected, but I can’t wear the crazy ones they’ve given me to wear. I just got back from my first run.. I could only do 2.1 kms because the garment restricts my breathing 😦 Leaving it behind tomorrow! Only 2 weeks and 2 days until my 5K!

  2. A little too late to help you but I just learned from my Doctor there is a dietary supplement, Bromelain, that helps reduce bruising after surgery. Having some cosmetic surgery myself in the very near future so we shall see. Your body is looking amazing.

    • Thanks, Jonelle… I’ll put ha in my brain for future use. I’ve been using arnica cream, but this is unlike anything I’ve encountered before… I just keep saying m mantra… It’ll be worth it, it’ll be worth it! Good luck with your procedure!

      • Pardon me for butting into an established conversation, but if you can get your hands on them, Arnica beads (internally) are also “magic” for bruising. Have you boosted your Vit C as well? Bon chance.

      • Hi Deb… Thanks for butting in πŸ™‚ I have some Traumeel sublingual, but they are way expired. I’m in southern China, where I can get some awesome TCM stuff, if I could communicate better, but I’m going to Hong Kong for 2 days on Monday and there is an excellent shop there with homeopathics, so plan on picking up more. Do you have a recommendation for a specific brand, per chance? And a dosage? Thanks!

      • Hi again, In answer to your question, I found this excerpt about 30x arnica on the “live strong” website:
        “… Arnica may be used in conjunction with quercetin, bromelain, and vitamin C to further enhance its effects. Homeopathic remedies usually come in tablet or pellet form. Use three tablets, three times a day. Boiron, a popular homeopathic manufacturer, recommends five pellets dissolved in the mouth, three times a day.” You can read the whole article here… http://www.livestrong.com/article/24111-arnica-montana-30x/
        And, just as an aside Boiron is made right here in Canada, so I doubt you’ll find it there.
        (I’m sure that if you just show a practitioner of TCM your contusions no words will be necessary: )

      • Thanks, Deb! I’m going to the site now. The things we take for granted… I can’t even find a razor to shave my legs here, lol… Left the ones I brought from the states in my flat in Hangzhou!

  3. Looking good Sandi! Love the family photo of you and your kids πŸ™‚ I am 2 lb off my dukan true weight now but I want to loose another 5 lb for my goal. This last bit is taking its time coming off but over the last month I have increased my spinning class from 1 per week to 3 now, so see if that helps- I do feel so much better and are toning up finally πŸ™‚ we were married 18 years ago on Monday, had a celebration meal but didn’t go silly x

    • Congrats on your anniversary!

      The last few pounds are the hardest! I’ve been watching the people do spinning at the gym this week… Looks like I’d fall apart 2 minutes into it, lol, so I admire you’re doing it 3x a week! Wow!

  4. Hi Sandi,
    Just found your blog. Your Dukan journey is most inspiring . . . as is your profession and your apparent sense of adventure! Congratulations on reaching your “true weight”. You look great!

    I just started the Dukan Diet a little over 3 weeks ago. Have had good but slow success .. .11 lbs with 35 more to go.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve lost 11 pounds and you only have 35 to go it seems you’ve lost 20% already!! How awesome is that?
      This diet works, keep plugging along, you’ll love the results!

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