Dukan – Day 4 Attack Phase

What a liberating day I’ve had! I’ve lost more weight, I’m in ketosis, I cut off all my hair and I had the challenge of having a dinner in a restaurant and got through it just fine!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 500 mL water, coffee
Mid-Morning snack: slice of smoked salmon, water, coffee
Lunch: sauteed chicken breast, egg and yogurt with bran, sip of “diet coke” wasn’t sure it was, so stuck with water.
Mid-Afternoon snack: missed
Dinner: was an Iftar dinner at the Rotana. I had grilled chicken and steak, water, diet coke

All in all a good day! Here’s the ticker from this morning:

8 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 4 Attack Phase

  1. Wow!!! you are really going at it head strong…Very proud of you…And like I said like the little train, You know you can,you know you can ❤ Mom

  2. I have bought the book tonight from Amazon…apparently i will be my target weight on Christmas day LOL. Going to start it next week though as we have been invited out to 2 friends houses for dinner this weekend for EId so dont want to ruin it. You are doing fantastic keep it up!

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