Dukan – Day 18 – Day 10 Cruise

Well… no time to weigh myself this morning… cuz the Dulcolax woke me up. I didn’t want a result that wasn’t accurate, so I bypassed the weigh in. In regard to the Dulcolax, it worked… somewhat. I’m still feeling quite constipated. I’m still deciding what my next step is!

Today was a PV day. I didn’t eat as much as I should have. It’s been a shit week at work, not enough sleep, an overnight laborer (those of us in the birthing industry refer to it as “Death by Primip”) due to the fact that it takes FOREVER and a day to have the baby. I haven’t had time or energy to go to the market to pick up essentials, so my meals went as follows:

Breakfast: 500 mL water, cup of coffee (BAD SANDI!)

Lunch: Two little steaks cooked by the chef at work… he always surprises me. Now if I could get him to make it a little pink and not so well done 🙂 He also inquired whether veggies were on my diet today and I told him yes, so he sent up a gorgeous plate of steamed broccoli, cauliflower and squash… the chef rocks! I also had a diet coke, and about 250 mL water.

Afternoon snack: Big coffee made by the cafe girls special just for me. The cafe is in our atrium at the hospital and I watched over the railing as they made it. I love that they stir in the FF CoffeeMate and then “whir” it in the machine thingy. Makes me feel special that so many people are on board with my weight loss!

Dinner: At StoneGrill… again. Yummy, tender, moist meat. Had the tenderloin, that you grill on your own hot stone in front of you…. YUMMY!!! I had steamed broccoli and cauliflower with this meal, as well. If I’m not moving things through after all these damn veggies… I’m going to be a mighty grumpy girl!!!

I’m lacking a bit on the water… I sipped more through the day, but I’m going to down 250 mL before I go to bed to make sure I get it all in. No walk tonight… I’ll do it in the morning and then again in the evening. I have NO ENERGY LEFT!


10 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 18 – Day 10 Cruise

  1. I hope you got your oat bran. Metamucil is psyllium husks which i believe is gluten free.

    Working in the hospital is a bad for your health. Hard to get to the bathroom. Your personal needs are always secondary to something else. I really think you did very well. The day was not ideal. You will have more days that are like that and still stay on track.

    • Kath, you couldn’t be more right! It is probably one of the unhealthiest work environments… I could write a dissertation on it! I’m planning on having a much better day, since I’m off. And I weighed myself when I got up 25 minutes ago, and I’m pleased 🙂

  2. Love your comments re hospitals being the unhealthiest places to work….so agree. No time to eat, drink or even pee! Anything happening with your ‘alternative plan?
    Went supermarket shopping last night…would have killed for a Mars Bar LOL

    • Charity, I’ve read a couple studies lately about the effects of not sleeping enough and weight gain. Also, healthcare workers who work night shifts or lose sleep at night because of job are 4 times more likely to be obese than your average Joe.

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