Dukan – Day 129

Tuesday was a PV day.

Daily weight loss: 0.0 lb/0.0 kg
Total weight loss: 56.1 lb/25.11 kg

No loss is better than a gain. What an amazingly long day in the midst of a long week without enough sleep. I’m pretty cranky this morning, taking it out on my poor personal assistant Kitty and have Snow Patrol blasting Chasing Cars in my ear phones… Stress relief.

So Lucy, Silin (our amazing translator) and I took what we THOUGHT was a 2 hour train ride to Wenzhou in the morning. Well, apparently (this is a word I use when I’m grumpy) there was a train collision a few months ago on this route so they decided that slowing down the trains might lead to less fatalities the next time… So the frigging trip is now FOUR HOURS… EACH WAY!!! Apparently this makes sense, some how… sigh. So, up at 545 am, picked up by driver at 630 am, train at 745 am, arrived at Wenzhou at 1150 am, lunch from 1220 to 200 pm, because they take 90 minute lunch breaks here. Toured the hospital in a whirlwind 25 minutes, met with the CEO and head physician for about one hour (they are trying to woo Lucy here to work), got buzzed as hell off the local green tea that the CEO made traditionally for us (coolest thing about China is the way they serve tea, it’s awesome… That’s about the only positivity in this blog today run with it LOL) and then back in the van for the pot hole filled ride back to the train station at 330 pm, train at 451 pm, back to Hangzhou at 955 pm, delight to find KaKa waiting at the correct train station (we arrived back at the station as far from my flat as humanly possible in this city) and home at 1005 pm. O.F.F.S. what a long, exhausting day! We didn’t really get to see Wenzhou at all to make a fair evaluation og whether or not it would be a nice place for Lucy to go to. What we did see, however, made me very happy that I’m in what is APPARENTLY considered the greenest city in all of the great land of China.

I did eat some weird stuff today and ended up with an allergic reaction to what I believe was gluten.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs and coffee
Lunch: at fancy schmancy restaurant… DUCK TONGUE (it’s the specialty of Wenzhou and I felt compelled to at least try it… It tastes like pork… I totally just blanked on what it was I was eating and focused on trying not to get teeth or bones in my mouth, as it comes attached to the jaw… LMAO). I also had tofu, cucumber wedges and they made a hot pot that was suppose to be sans anything but meat and veggies and they add meat apparently coated with flour AND they through in pasta for good measure, which I didn’t see because they also put in these super skinny long mushrooms that I so couldn’t wait to eat. I’m sure they also threw in a pound of MSG because within a minute of taking the first bite my lips and tongue were tingling, I had hives on my chest and arms at 3 minutes and I was fighting panic… Thank God for anti-histamines! Not sure exactly which of the culprits in the hot pot caused the reaction, but it was a bummer 😦 I finished lunch by eating a tea egg, made me feel better, lol.
Dinner: PEANUTS, I’m not kidding. We thought we’d be home at SEVEN pm!!! So I ate peanuts on the train… I’m not sure that was a really Dukan friendly dinner.
Lucy kindly made me a cup of Earl Grey and yogurt with bran while I sulked on the couch, too late to make phone calls home, too tired to move and not hungry enough to eat a real meal. It’s so wonderful having a friend like Lucy… Gonna miss her when she goes back to Dubai!
Then off to bed for a much deserved sleep. I hope the rest of you had a better day… I promise tomorrow will be a brighter day… After I bonk Kitty on the head a few more times for the 4 hour train ride in 2nd class EACH WAY!!!


Quote of the day: Forget what we’re told… Before we get too old. Show me a garden that’s bursting into life. ~ Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars” … Feeling much better after listening to this while typing (pounding the keys) to the beat.

A couple pics from the day…

This is a dad with 3 kids on the scooter. I affectionately refer to this as the Chinese Minivan!


Anyone want a SHIN rejuvenation?


The shitty road back to the train station made even worse by this guy pulling carts cutting us off!


11 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 129

  1. You did very well considering the circumstances! Sounds like a test of your character traveling 2nd class for 8 hours on the train as well as all the other commuting to get to and from the trains.

    • And I don’t even mean to sound like a whiny baby about it (even though I did), I actually sound elitist, which I’m also not… LOL. But the price difference between 2nd class and 1st class is FOUR U.S. DOLLARS!!! I told Kitty she’d better never do that to me again! I think she got it, poor thing, she’s the sweetest… I may even be feeling a bit guilty… almost.

  2. Aaaah, that familiar old feeling you get every now and then in China, the one that makes you CRANKY AS ALL FRACK! I know it well. Mine was usually aimed at the Chinese Post Office. Grrr.

    But for the most part, your experiences have been pretty good, yay! You’ll be back to Super Positive Sandi in no time. Go easy on Kitty… πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks, Charlotte… I gave Kitty a big hug before I left for home this evening and reminded her, for the most part, that she is the best personal assistant in the world… πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, FNJH πŸ™‚ and thanks for signing up to follow my blog. I’m on my way to yours now. You caught me on a bitchy day, LOL… I’m usually a bit more positive πŸ˜€

  3. Please do not rag on yourself too much. I am sure the hug made up for anything. I found I got cranky on Dukan and had a hard time hiding it. I think the duck tongue was the culprit.

  4. Very interesting trip. See you have a few new followers. I like tongue but not sure duck was the best choice.I think had it been served to me attached to jaw with teeth I would have to turn it away. Over all sounds like an interesting trip. >3 mom

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