Dukan – Days 243 & 244 – Eight months in!

Wednesday was a PV day and Thursday was a PP day 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 1.5 pounds/0.70 kgs (2 days)
Total Weight Loss: 87.8 pounds/39.91 kgs/6.27 stone

Wednesday was a work day. And after work I had dinner with friends at The Vineyard. It’s run by an American guy named Reuben from Boston. Weds. night is game night, and if you play a game you get 10% off! We played UNO… I won 😀

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: 1 tea egg and tin of tuna
Dinner: Philly cheese steak and a side salad

Wednesday was an off night from running, so I walked 5 kms instead.

Thursday was my hospital’s spring walk. I’m going to do a completely separate blog on my adventures with lots of pictures.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: In a small village, pork, tofu and chicken… I didn’t have the rice that was placed directly on front of me!


Dinner: Stir fried pork curry with onions and garlic cloves. I also dipped it in some kick ass hot sauce that I bought on the field trip! Hot as all get out, but yum!!

Exercise: 3.47 km cave hike, up and down & 4.75 km mountain hike, that was pretty challenging… Here’s how we got down from the top of the mountain… The Flying Squirrel…


Fun day… Just 1 kg exactly to be at Dr. Dukan’s True Weight!!! ONE KILOGRAM! That’s 2.2 pounds. It’s really crazy to think that I’ve nearly lost 90 pounds in 8 months! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… THIS DIET WORKS! IF YOU FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER, IT REALLY WORKS!

I’m off to bed… I’ll post all about cave hiking, mountain hiking and wishes coming true n about 10 hours 🙂


14 thoughts on “Dukan – Days 243 & 244 – Eight months in!

    • I work that into the rest of my schedule, lol. The spring hike is an
      annual trip my hospital does… Team building, keeps morale up!
      The exercise… I MAKE myself do it. It’s part of me getting healthier
      and it is now as natural as breathing for me 🙂

  1. I hope you had a seatbelt on! AAARRGGGHHH. 🙂 LOL
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Sandi – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! 1 KILO!!!!!! A huge congratulations and big hug being sent your way. xoxo

    • I fit it in… I stay busy from the time I get up, until the time I go to bed… keeps me out of the fridge 🙂
      You know how much I love photographing my hiking boots 🙂

    • Thanks, MJ… the flying squirrel was AMAZING! What happened after I got off the flying squirrel (my wish from the wishing well 3 hours before) CAME TRUE… even more AMAZING… more on that soon 😀

  2. That’s amazing! almost 90 lbs–boggles the mind! Woo-hoo!
    I meant to ask before, what does “Dukan true weight” mean? Why is it different from your goal? (Sorry, I’m ignorant about the ways of the Dukan, other than what you’ve shared here).
    And a weight loss coach made a distinction I really liked, between pleasure and happiness: pleasure (such as the one of eating a piece of cake) is temporary; happiness (such as being healthy and fit etc.) is long-term. I think you’ve chosen wisely!

    • Funny… I just mentioned the word “pleasure” on your blog 😀

      When you start the Dukan Diet you can find out your True Weight on the site. It is based on factors such as age, gender, body type, how many diets you’ve been on, whether or not you’ve had kids and other things. I like it because it didn’t tell me I needed to be 121-135 pounds! I would look ill that small!

      That being said, Dr. Dukan says that my True Weight should be 165. I think that’s a bit heavy for me. He asks, as part of the questionnaire for TW, what you think your body weight should be. My answer was 145. So I decided to pick the number between the 2, 155 and make that my goal weight.

      I hope that made sense 🙂

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