Dukan – Day 62

Yesterday was a PV day
No change in weight loss, which was a little disappointing because I’m right at the crux of reaching a goal and I thought I’d surpass it, maafi mushkila or as the say in Chinese ma watea (no promblemo).

Still felt a bit crappy in the morning, but had that lovely birth so it balanced it out.
Breakfast: boiled tea egg
Went home at 900 am to try to sleep from being up all night, not happening… Construction in flat above me, kid screaming in a neighboring building, new business must have opened because fireworks going off outside (this happens day & night, in fact it happened at 545 this morning, thank God I was up preparing for my flight!), then the kids at the school were outside doing calisthenics and marching. So, I got up and did laundry.
Lunch: Kath’s bran crepes x 2 eggs.
Back to work to teach class to nurses… Exhausted to the point of nausea 😦
Snack: boiled tea egg
Finished office work at 430 and walked home, stopping at halal Chinese restaurant to pick up dinner, shaved beef with cilantro and green beans and mushrooms with red hot chili peppers. They have finally stopped offering me rice πŸ™‚
Up early for this mornings flight to Hong Kong.
So now I’m on a flight to Hong Kong on what is called a border run. I’m on a 6 month visa to china, but have to exit every 30 days until I get my residency visa, so I have to do an overnight stay and fly back tomorrow. Plan on doing some hiking in the hillsides of the city both days and will have pics to post in my next blog.

5 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 62

  1. Blame no weight loss on the weather. It will show up. You certainly have told me that a bunch. Sounds like you feel better. Hope your crazy no sleep does not present any problems.

    Looking forward to see pictures. Hope the trips goes well.

    You are doing very thing right. Keep up the good work. You look thinner with each picture you take. Did you do the measuring thing?

    • Thanks for the support, Kath… I sure do like those crepes πŸ™‚ I’m still trying to catch up on the sleep, unfortunately, you never get back the hours you miss… I was in bed early last night because of my early flight today, I’ll sleep well in this nice cold hotel room πŸ™‚
      I didn’t do any measuring except my waist, which is down 6 inches. I wish I had. I know my boobs and my wrists are a lot smaller! lol
      Now off to do a little shopping, need a couple of shirts, as mine are hanging off of me! yay!

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