Dukan Tuna Patty

I’m always on the look out for EASY meals to make. I’m off work today and decided to do a little experimentation with a can of tuna for lunch… Yum!

This recipe is good for Pure Protein days, as well as PV days, consolidation and stabilization.

Dukan Tuna Patties

1 can of tuna in water
2 Tbs FF greek yogurt or quark or fromage frais
A dollop of dijon mustard
2 Tbs chopped onion
1 Tbs Oat bran meal
Salt & Pepper to taste

*Turn on stove to Medium
*Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray
*Drain can of tuna and place in bowl
*Add yogurt, mustard, chopped onion, oat bran and salt & pepper
and mix well. Mixture should be moist, but not too moist.
*Form into 2 patties

Cook on medium 3 minutes on each side.


Dukan Tuna Patties

14 thoughts on “Dukan Tuna Patty

  1. Great idea! I will make them maybe even this evening … no wait, I have some chicken breast that will go bad if I don’t make it … so I will make this tomorrow!!!

  2. I made those before but think I put too much yoghurt in the mix as they were a bit soggy! Think I’m gonna have chicken thighs tonight – yum! 🙂

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