Dukan – A Good Day – Dukan Consolidation Day 78

11 weeks and 1 day into Dukan Consolidation Phase and doing great!
Today was my once weekly PP day, since I was unable to do it on Thursday.

Today’s Weight: 147 lb/66.8 kgs
Goal Weight: 155 lb/70.5 kgs

Back to work in Hangzhou after a trip yesterday to Shanghai. Got an early start on fine tuning a PowerPoint presentation on water birth for tomorrow (Sunday). I walked to work, as usual.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs, 3 slices of lean bacon, coffee
Morning Snack: 1 ounce of Pepper Jack cheese
Lunch: 2 tea eggs, 3 slices of lean bacon
Afternoon Snack: 1 tea egg, 1 ounce of Pepper Jack cheese
Dinner: Lomo Saltaldo… oh MY was it good!
After Dinner Snack: Fat Free greek yogurt with Splenda and flax seed meal… I’m eating that now as I write this blog šŸ™‚

Exercise Today:
Walk to work = 1 mile
Walk home for lunch = 1 mile
Walk back to work = 1 mile
Walk home from work = 1 mile
After dinner walk = 2 mile
Total = 6 miles

Water = 3+ liters of water today.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Parting shot… Baby Moon-Moon this afternoon… I love my babies!

22 thoughts on “Dukan – A Good Day – Dukan Consolidation Day 78

  1. I love you Momma. But reading your food entries makes me giggle. What in the heck are you going to eat when you come home? You better learn how to make tea eggs šŸ™‚

  2. You are so pretty and the weight loss has had no ill effect, I mean sometimes after 40 nature is not kind to caucasian women. I think it is your smile and all over inside stuff. ( Happiness, what you do every day et al). Since I am reading your blog from the beginning again and from this end, it is a strange prospective.

  3. You and baby look beautiful. I admire you for sticking with the diet as I would be bored to tears with the same food all day long … What IS a tea egg?

  4. Sweet little baby!! thanks too for the inspiration to get back to eating better!!! Vacation kind of did me in…

  5. Look at you in a red top tucked in with snappy cute belt – work it sister! I love the confidence I see in your smile .. and who could resist that sweet baby?

    Cheers! MJ

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