Dukan – Day 96 THANKSGIVING!

Thursday was a PV day… and Thanksgiving Day at home.

Daily weight loss: 1.3 lb/0.6 kg
Total weight loss: 46.2 lb/21.01 kg

Well thanksgiving here in Hangzhou, China is just another day… so off to work I went! I walked the 1.5 km to work and it was only 43 degrees Fahrenheit! I am not sure at what point I will say, “HELL NO” when I go out the door. The funny thing is, I’ve been here since September 20th and I’ve never taken any mode of transport to work, so I have no idea how to get the bus… hehehe

Breakfast: Tea Eggs x 2
Lunch: Tea Eggs x 2… no time for a walk to the lunch place because I had to go to a marketing event in a community about an hour from the hospital. I like doing community events because I get the opportunity to tell a room full of women that normal birth is just that NORMAL and that c/sections hurt like hell to recover from… the rate here in China is 65%!!!!!!!!
Back to work at 430 pm and then off to another marketing event downtown at the Montessori School… a REAL Montessori school… it was lovely. Afterwards, I popped my head into the restaurant in the building there and lo and behold there was a HUGE turkey and very few diners… the buffet was 238 CNY (about $37) but we were going out to dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving… but they weren’t serving TURKEY!!! (more on that later!) so I did exactly what any red-blooded American would do, and paid $37 for some turkey and a few veggies and a teeny wedge of parmesean cheese… TO GO. (I’m actually eating it as I type this blog… left overs from last night… how traditional!) Then off to Starbucks for a coffee before catching a taxi to the restaurant we were eating at… The Vineyard.

The Vineyard’s head chef is an American from Boston via Dallas and Denver. Nice guy that comes around and says, “hey”… I love that kind of service. He reminds me of my son Nick, so I think that made me feel more at home, as well.

This is the menu that was served:
Starter: Bread Basket
Lightly-Toasted Home Recipe Bread
with Herb Butter Spread and Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
Rich and Creamy Mushroom and Sweet Pea Bisque
with Roasted Onion Croutons and Scallion Oil
Mixed Greens and Seasonal Vegetables
with Warm Bacon and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Main Course
Chicken Roulade with Savory Home-Style Bread Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes and Brown Pan Gravy
Oven-Roasted Vegetable Medley
Sweet Yams with Marshmallow Topping
A Duet of Mini Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie
Caramel Sauce and Whipped Cream

This is what I ate:
3 delectable tablespoons of the mushroom soup… AMAZING! The scallion oil was orgasmic 🙂
3/4 of the salad… the dressing was delish!!!
The chicken, with the crap in the middle scraped out (I’m sure it was also delicious, but I must call it crap, in order to feel good about it… LOL)
All of mine and most of Chiara’s oven roasted broccoli
1 teeny tiny taste of both the apple tart and the pie tart
A Coca Cola Light
A large glass of water
A cup of coffee with splenda

I don’t feel deprived at all… the reward… I got up this morning and weighed 1.3 pounds less than the day before… how does that happen???? I love my scale… 😀

Besides having an amazing holiday dinner with friends, the other fun thing that happened is that the resident cat begged about 9 bites of my chicken off me and being the animal sucker, lover that I am, I gave in… then she took a bath and a 1 hour nap on the seat beside me… Good Times!

So, that was my Thanksgiving in Hangzhou, China… how did your Thanksgiving go, and for you fellow Dukaners, how did you hold up to the temptations???

Enjoy the pics below!


Quote of the day: You can’t have a positive life, with a negative mind! – Anonymous

Kitty, Chiara, Me and Joe

Kitty under the table... not my PA Kitty... a real one! lol

Kitty licking her chops after I shared my Chicken with her!

Taking a nap after her bath!

8 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 96 THANKSGIVING!

  1. No Thanksgiving celebrations in Spain, so no temptations, no turkey, no gravy.. just a normal working day 🙂
    Abotu the dukan bread, i am certain that you can just either add more oat bran or just stick to two tablespoons, no actually put a bit more oatbran in it or it will be too liquid, however it will be missing that bready taste… . I am sure it will be more like the Oat bran galette in the Dukan website though… but try it and let us know how it goes!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    • LOL, LMC… it was a bit sad, but worth the resistance! The rewards outweigh the yumminess! 🙂 After 46 pounds shed, I am finally seeing results in the mirror… Weird how we don’t see it ourselves for so long!

  2. You show so much restraint. I ate every single thing. But I seldom go out to such a fancy place. It was prix fixe. I did not have to chose much.
    I do believe the the best food is cooked at home. You will remember this when you cook your turkey. Do you have an oven? You are so clever with things. Try to keep the colors correct. That is the fun thing.
    Your weight loss is amazing. It must be those walks in the cold morning air.

    • Kath… every morning when I step outside and shiver I think of you and your saying that shivering makes you burn more calories… I tell myself this the WHOLE 1.5 kms of the walk… keeps me motivated… I think my restraint is that daily scale weigh in and the fact that I am surpassing my goals and I’m motivated by that… tempting as it may be… I did the same thing when I quit smoking… put them down and walked away and never lit up again… I think the timing has to be perfect and when you’re READY to do it… I was ready to do this! 😀 xoxo

  3. You have awesome will-power to resist the temptations and what is even more awesome is you got the results the next morning when you stepped on the scales – how cool is that and it does keep you motivated to stay on track. Well done you!!

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