Dukan – Day 193 – Peace On Earth, Begins With Birth

Tuesday was a PP Day.

Daily Weight Loss: 0
Total Weight Loss: 72 lb/32.71 kg

This is Day 3 of my weight being the same 😦 I didn’t have the chance to write a Dukan Blog on Monday morning, but it was the same that morning, as well. Funny thing, it is happening to a fellow blogger, Mel. We are both eating what we’re suppose to, and frankly, my carb consumption is below even Dukan standards… so what gives?

Breakfast: 2 Tea Eggs
Lunch: 1 Tea Egg and 3 ham slices
Dinner: Pork chunks and onion cooked in dark soy sauce with soy and wasabi to dip in… yum!
I did C25K for 30 minutes, plus added 10 extra minutes of walking at the end
Snack: FF Greek yogurt with bran and splenda

Here’s dinner:

The dark soy sauce smells so yummy!

The wasabi and soy dipping sauce - divine!

Now for the part about birth 😀 Earlier today (and your night time in the States) I was chatting with my friend Miri who is also a midwife. I was telling her about a PowerPoint I was given 3 hours to develop today (I banged it out and it’s top quality, btw) and she shared a 7 minute birth video with me. Watching her midwife this woman, completely hands off and listening to her voice, it was like watching myself. My comment to her, after this gorgeous water birth was, “isn’t it sad for the momma’s and babies that don’t get to experience gentle birth like that”… It left me a bit melancholy.
Peace on Earth, Begins With Birth… being “with woman”, the meaning of midwife, during her pregnancy and labor and birth, is an honor. Honoring a birth with peacefulness can transform a woman into a powerful mother who knows that she alone birthed her baby… with HER strength, HER perseverance, HER power. Midwifing a woman with peace allows the baby to be born into quiet sacredness… to open and breathe in a peaceful setting, where there isn’t fear at the first moment of life… that is the kind of births we should be empowering women to have. Thank you, Miri, for being that kind of midwife.

Peace on Earth, does indeed, Begin With Birth.

My beautiful daughter Tiffany, her amazing husband Joey, and their children Sydnie and Shane at the birth of Sofia… May 17, 2008… born on her great-grandma’s birthday.


10 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 193 – Peace On Earth, Begins With Birth

  1. Hi Sandi, I too am having scale issues. Today up .4 yesterday up .6 so back up to 156# ? At first I thought it was salt/water retention from the ham, but not sure now. I exercise every day, eat properly, drink lots of water. This is week 2 for me, and the original 4.6 loss was so inspiring….still down 3.6 total is ok but would love to keep moving down. As for the blog thing, I’m still not really sure how it all works, and just plugging away.

    I love your birth philosophy and video….beautiful! Love homebirth! Peace is so powerful and simple.


  2. Midwifery is a completely different affair in the UK I think. I didnt see the same midwife more than a few times during my pregnancy, I felt like I was being pushed from pillar to post, however, I must say that the midwifes at the hospital (all 3 shifts of them) were fantastic!!! A peaceful atmosphere genuinely makes all the difference in a situation that can be quite daunting, especially the first time round!
    I love the way Shane is looking so adoringly at his Mum! What a sweetheart!
    This plateau will pass, as they all do. Keep strong and keep doing what you’re doing! xoxo

    • Thanks, Sonia… my daughter is a wonderful mom! Shane was at his little brother’s birth 19 months later, as well. He stood next to the birth pool and kept his mommy and the rest of entertained while she pushed the baby out. LOL

      I worked with British midwives in Abu Dhabi for 3 years, they are FABULOUS! The UK looks at birth completely different than the US… for the States medicine=money… sad affair, really.

      • The look on Shane’s face is angelic….I also can’t help noticing that his sister is keenly intent on the midwife. What a Divine gift to the family to be together during birth. I forget who said it but somewhere in the recesses of my mind there was a conversation that the best curriculum a culture could hope for is fore EVERYONE to be present/ bear witness to AT LEAST one birth and one death. In the US (and elsewhere too) these sacred passages are medicalized and stripped of spirit. We miss out when that happens.

      • We certainly do. That midwife is my friend Lori, she assisted me at the birth of Sofia. I’ve delivered all 6 of my grandbabies, all born out of hospital and 2 of them water birth babies.
        Sydnie was on my lap as Sofia was born, helping me “catch” her. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve caught a lot of babies, but it is still magical, every single time.

  3. I ❤ you.
    I helped Rita with a birth last night and this is exactly what I was thinking about her. How calm and quiet it was 🙂 lovely!

  4. According to Naturally Slim, the first week or 2 of any diet you lose the most weight – the so-called water weight or glycogen weight (fat bound together by water molecules); then expect a moderate weight loss, which is really the best kind (that’s in response to Anna, the first commenter). Plateaus are understandable, and I fully expect them (with a vengeance!); they can be caused by factors outside your control. The problem is not to let them get you down and to continue your good eating habits–the scales will show it the next week.

    However, it MAY be that you plateaued just a little bit because of all that sodium–soy sauce is THE WORST and makes you retain a ton of water. Flush it out with plenty of water and you’ll probably be fine in a day or so.

    • Thanks, Cris… I suspected the soy sauce may have contributed (I had it Sunday night, too!). But it’s so yummy and is “allowed” on the Dukan, I’ll use it less liberally and see if that makes a difference.

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