Dukan – Day 75

Thursday was a PV Day
Daily Weight Loss: 0.0 lb/0.0 kg
Total Weight Loss: 40.7 lb/18.51 kg

Same same as yesterday. I know it’s because I have been eating less because of my dodgy tummy! My body is holding on for dear life 🙂 I’ll keep plugging along.

I did two PV days in a row because I forgot to take protein out of the freezer for dinner, so here’s my Thursday intake:

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs, 500 mL water, coffee
Lunch: sliced beef with cilantro and spicy tofu (I know… No wondery dodgy tummy is on day 4!) 300 mL water, Coke Zero
Dinner: stir fried onions, garlic stem and asparagus with 4 small slices of lean ham. 500 mL water
Snack: pot of FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and bran

I moved into a new office this week:


And did my first JCI Accreditation lecture for the staff:


I think it went well 🙂

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


7 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 75

  1. Do not worry, when you feel better you will go back to your routine.

    I last time I lost 40 lbs in the 90’s I found two helpful thing, well maybe three. The first you are wearing in the picture. Belts help so much thing pull big pants and big blouses in. People will notice you first rather than your baggy clothes. Second, invest elastic to put in your big pants. Do not worry , your belt and the next item will camouflage your “adjustment”. Third is scarfs. Long flowing scarfs. Works every time.

    The last suggestion you also are wearing. An air of confidence and a smile. Enjoy dear friend.

    • Thanks for the tips, Kath!!! I am trying to find a tailor that can take in my dress slacks (funny that I’m having a hard time finding a tailor, given that I am in China!). The scarves are a necessity given that it’s a bit chilly. I hate having things around my neck, but I’m getting used to it 🙂

  2. As long as I have known you,and that is longer than anyone, you have had an air of confidence. And, may I add, You have worn it well. I, too, must add I haven’t seen you happier And that says a lot because you have always radiated happiness. Guess I’m just a proud mom carrying on like this.

    • You’re a great mom 🙂 Confidence comes from your parents. You and dad were awesome parents who let us test the waters, sometimes getting soaking wet, but always there to dry us off and encourage to try it again! That’s where my confidence comes from!

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