Dukan – Days 78 & 79 – Rut ro!

Sunday was PV and Monday was PP.
Day 78: Daily weight loss: -1.8 lb/-0.8 kg (yowza!! YUCKY weight gain!)
Day 79: Daily weight loss: 0.9 lb/0.4 kg … well, that’s more like it!

Even though I ate 3 wedding celebration meals over the weekend, I think this slight increase had less to do with food (because I pretty much stuck to the program) and more to do with the fact that I didn’t get my walks in, didn’t drink enough water AND didn’t have my bran… A bad combination of didn’t haves!

So yesterday (Monday) I made sure I got 2 of the 3 in πŸ™‚ and today I’ll be even better. I was very happy when I got on the scale this morning!

The great news… I got my boxes that I shipped from Dubai to Shanghai yesterday! Wow, what a process going through customs was, but I prevailed, paid about $70 USD in port taxes and have my stuff… YAY! It was like Christmas here. And I finally have clothes that fit… Nice to be back in the clothes I was wearing when I first arrived in Abu Dhabi 3 years ago. Some of the stuff is actually baggy, which made me happy and some of it is a tad too tight, which was the stuff I bought at the thrift store in Miami just before leaving in 2008, in anticipation of losing weight… Well, at least that’s happening now πŸ˜€

Attended a lovely wedding this weekend, the couple Chiara and Yang Li (Joe), are the couple who’s sweet Alessandro was born into my hands as the first water birth in Hangzhou, back in May. What an honor to be part of both events!

Now, back on track!! I’m doing a 2nd PP day today to kick my body’s ass into gear! My scale is going to Thailand with me tomorrow and I plan on continuing to win this war of weight!!

End note… My happiest moment came when I unwrapped my painting and she was intact. I missed her and what she represents of the past year!


7 thoughts on “Dukan – Days 78 & 79 – Rut ro!

  1. I love your picture so special. You captured something magical there.

    Enjoy your holiday and take lots of pictures. I hope the flooding has ceased.
    You will manage fine, You seem to always know how to swing it Dukan style.
    Be good to you dear friend.

    Glad you got your boxes in good shape,

    • Thanks, Kath! I love painting… she’s my first and very special to me! We’ve made an adjustment to our holiday and we’re staying down near Phuket the whole time, not going to Bangkok the last 3 days, which is fine by me… more time on the beach! πŸ™‚ There is no flooding down that way… thank goodness. Will upload lots of pictures, I promise!

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