Recipe – Paleo – Coconut Muffins

I made these with the kids of the family I’m visiting in Australia. They are a large family so we made 6 times this batch for a total of 36 muffins! I’m eating a warm muffin now, as I write this post… Mmmm!

Makes 6 muffins

3 Eggs
2 TBS butter (melted) **learned a neat trick from the kids today… Put your butter in a bowl, then place it in a bowl of hot water and let it melt… Prevents browning!!)
1/3 c sugar (I used organic rapadura)
1/4 tsp salt (I used organic sea salt)
1/4 c coconut flour (not meal! Must be flour)
1/4 tsp baking powder
3 TBS grated coconut

Blend together eggs, butter, sugar and salt.
Combine the coconut flour and baking powder and then whisk into wet ingredients, ensuring no lumps.
Fill muffin tins halfway with the batter.
Sprinkle the grated coconut on top.
Bake at 400F for 15 minutes.








12 thoughts on “Recipe – Paleo – Coconut Muffins

  1. Yum! I love coconut. Wonder if I could use almond flour in place of coconut flour? 2 weeks Wheat Free … I am finding this easier for me than Dukan .. and my joints no longer ache 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

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