This is a bit high in fat, but I would consider this Dukan friendly!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

 In my call for guest bloggers the other day, Alison from Wife Meets Life stepped forward and volunteered to write a post. When she came back with bacon covered Cajun stuffed pork roast, I knew that this was a woman after my own heart. She writes a great blog over at Wife Meets Life, so check it out, but not before you see the deliciousness below….

I have spent much of my life disliking pork. It has never been an intense hatred (my disgust regarding tomatoes can be classified that way, however) but I definitely roll my eyes and sigh when I see a chop lying forlorn on a plate.

My mother used to serve pork one way: breaded and pan-fried with some sort of vague green thing next to it. This is not meant to offend my mother; she is an amazing cook. Just not an amazing cook…

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