Thailand & Dukan – Day 91

Saturday was a PV Day. It also marked 13 weeks on Dukan 🙂

Daily weight loss: I didn’t write it down! I think it was 0.2 kg, but not certain, so not counting it.
Total weight loss: 40.24 lb/18.3 kg

Early wake up to go to Phi Phi Island.
Breakfast: 2 hard cooked eggs and bacon with coffee and water.

Then picked up to go to Phi Phi Island. 45 minute ride to bottom of town.

Then 2 hour ferry ride past some amazing rock islands. According to our tour guide a few days ago, all of these islands and mountains are part of a coral reef, not volcanic rock… Gorgeous.

Once we arrived on the island we headed straight for the beach. Cathy relaxed on the beach under an umbrella and Karen, Dominique and I went snorkeling. Not too much to see, but Dominique found some gorgeous mother of pearl! We spent about an hour in the water…. Perfect temperature.

Then off to lunch, where of course, nothing was Dukan. I said Phuk Et ( 😀 ) and ate lunch, with restraint, I might add. There was some hot as hades clear broth soup with seafood (probably the only thing I should have eaten), some fried chicken wings, sweet and sour something, and veggies in a thin whitish gravy. Did my best and dammit, I’ve stuck to it this entire holiday, but after the nasty burger fiasco from a few days ago, I wasn’t ordering off the menu! To finish off the meal I had two pieces of pineapple, which after hearing for 10 days from the girlies how fabulous it was, I have to agree! 🙂

Back on the ferry for the2 hour ride back, and the back to the hotel around 6. Dinner at the pizza parlor across the road (I ate the meat and onions off the top!) and then back to the room to pack. After packing, Dominique and Karen treated me to one last massage in the garden… Yay! Nice way to end a wonderful holiday.

This really has to be one of the best holidays I’ve been on… Good friends, good food, great tour. A HUGE shout out to EVE at Buffalo Tours in Bangkok. She put together a specialized package for me and it was fantastic! First class service all the way! I HIGHLY recommend their agency to anyone planning on visiting this region of the world.

3 a.m. Flight back to Shanghai, Cathy is with me in Hangzhou for a few dats, then she goes home. We’re sitting on the high speed train on the way to Hangzhou now… Exhausted, but happy.







Quote of the day: “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how”. – Gone With The Wind.

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