Dukan – Day 177 – Trying to Shake the Blues

Sunday was a PV Day. It was suppose to be Day 3 of 4 of PP days, but I had lunch with friends at a restaurant… More on that later 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total Weight Loss: 66.7 lb/30.31 kg

Morning started off better as I slept until 5 a.m. And that made me happy 😀 I had a pot of yogurt with bran and Splenda and a cup of coffee to start my day. Then off to work in this lovely (not) rainy, dreary, cold weather. A stop to pick up my daily allotment of tea eggs. My 1 mile/1.5 km walk is now down to about 12 minutes. When I started walking everyday to work, nearly 5 months ago, it took 17 minutes. I work on the 4th floor of my building and after clocking in I take the stairs up. I realized yesterday that I’m no longer out of breath AT ALL by the time I reach the top… How awesome is that?

After morning rounds I did some lactation consulting (just when I give up on helping women here breastfeed, there always seems to be a couple of women who request it, funny how that works… I’m not a quitter, but so passionate about breastfeeding, that sometimes I must take a step back, throw in the towel and not allow the circumstances here consume me!). Both ladies were very grateful for the help.

I then had a lovely 6 hour prenatal visit with Velina and Robin 😀 Just like the old days when I was a home birth midwife. They came at 10, we lunched from 12 – 2 and they left around 4. It filled my day with some sunshine 🙂 Lunch for me was T-bone steak, broccoli , cucumbers and raw red cabbage.

Then the bad news of the day – Whitney Houston died. She’s MY age, born a few months before me, how does this keep happening? What demons cause these remarkably talented people to head down the path of drugs, alcohols and bad behavior?? I sobbed watching the video of her singing The National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991. What a waste of amazing talent.

Dinner: Chicken chunks stir fried in soy sauce with cumin and garlic cloves.

To bed at 9, trying to shake the blues, fighting the urge to pack up and go home, come on sun, I need ya buddy, the grey skies are wearing thin and I need some sunspiration.


Quote of the day: I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. – Whitney Houston

Pic of the day: Robin, Velina & Me


4 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 177 – Trying to Shake the Blues

  1. Hang in there. The sun will come…eventually. Felt that way when we first moved to N.H. Never thought I’d see it again. Was talking with someone this evening about breastfeeding and how she lasted 18 hrs. I’ve always said it may be the most natural act but one of the most difficult. Time and patience will get you through it. I’m glad you’re there to help those moms who want to make every effort. Bravo!! Have a good night. Keep posting, love reading about your day.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Teri 🙂 I agree, breastfeeding is the most rewarding and difficult thing to do… I always tell moms if they can get through the first 10 days, they are home free! The culture here doesn’t encourage breast feeding for the most part. The child’s grandmothers raise them. Most women go back to work at 6 weeks and the babies are left with the grandmothers, sometimes in other cities and the kids rarely see their own parents. Its a very odd culture of grandmothers, who didn’t raise their OWN kid, raising their grandkid. Still trying to wrap my head around it. My thought, a little breast milk is better than none… it’s the only way I can make it work in my head, LOL

  2. Will try to brighten your day(several days behind). Had my 30 stitches removed yesterday (Tues the 14th) and Dr. Decker(my Dr. McDreamy) was very pleased at the speed to which I recovered. Still wants me to give the place where stitches were removed time to heal. So still can’t bathe till Friday. Bummer. Promise to keep you up to date.

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