Dukan – Day 65 2 milestones reached today!!!

Monday was a PP day!
Daily Weight Loss: 0.7 lb/0.30 kg
Total Weight Loss: 35.4 lbs!!!!!! / 16.11 kg!!!!!

So, this will be a short blog because I’ve been up for 23 hours, just as I was getting ready to go to bed last night, I got called back to the hospital to birth a couple babies…. in fact, I drank so much coffee to stay awake, I’m actually downing a liter of water before I go to sleep… BUT………

I’ve lost 35 pounds in 7 weeks and 2 days and that totals 16.11 kgs… I couldn’t be more pleased. Β A cool thing that happened today that I wasn’t expecting is that I was able to take the extender off of my bra πŸ™‚ The sad part about that is my bras are too big in the cup, but hey… I’m not complaining πŸ™‚ The hard part about it is that I live in China, where they have itty bitty titties and I can’t find any bras to fit me… LOL

Breakfast: Pot of Fat Free Greek yogurt with Splenda and bran
Lunch: 2 boiled tea eggs
Dinner: 1 smallish sirloin steak, garlic stems and 2 Tbs. Low Fat Cottage Cheese (it’s all I could find!)

So off to bed I go… happy… it’s nice be happy! I hope all of you have a happy rest of your day!


7 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 65 2 milestones reached today!!!

  1. Oh how Grand!!!! I got it that the extender is a great milestone. But is 35 your half way?? or 3/4??
    You will think of a way to deal with cup size. You are so clever about things. A needle and thread are handy things. Just do not wear knit sheath dresses or tight sweaters.

    Have a great night sleep. There is a Thai Dukan book I believe. Keep up the great work.

    • The extender is a big milestone πŸ™‚ Alas, 35 is not my 1/2 mark… oh how I wish! It’s a little more than the 1/3 mark. Dr. Dukan says that I should be “done” in April. His idea of my ideal weight and my idea of my ideal weight are a little different. I think I should weigh 20 pounds less than he does…. so I think I’ll be done closer to August… maybe sooner at the rate I’m going.
      I’ll look to see if I can find Thai Dukan ideas! I’m going to be good, but there is a soup Tom Ka Gai that is my favorite soup in the world!!! I”m totally having it! πŸ˜€

  2. Have you left Dubai now altogether? I am confused now you are in China! How long will you be in china? Envious of the spicy soup- sounds yummy πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sue… yup, I’ve left the UAE for good, living in China… on a 1 year contract. I can’t wait to eat the soup in Thailand! It’s going to be an awesome trip πŸ™‚

  3. Oh that I should have your bra problem. My cups have always been too big for My itty bittys HAHA. Now I don’t even wear a bra. Big savings. The soup sounds delish. I will never forget the spinach soup in Abu Dhabi Have tried to copy it with no success If you find the recipe in your travels would like a copy If I knew its origin I could maybe find it on line Enjoy trip to Thailand and say hi for me to your friends. Love you Mom

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