Dukan – Day 74

Wednesday was a PV Day
Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total Weight Loss: 40.7 lb/18.51 kg

Well, after 3 days of Montezuma’s revenge, I thought I’d have lost more weight! Although my left wrist is a bit swollen this morning and a my water retention “barometer”, I think my body was just trying to hold on for dear life. I actually considered eating rice yesterday, to settle my gut, but I persevered and think I might be okay now.

Rough couple of days to say the least. In addition to the tummy troubles I had to spend an unexpected night in Shanghai. My boxes that I shipped from Dubai have arrived and I had to do the 96 step process to release them through customs. They say I can pick them up on Monday. I’ve been waiting to get them so I could pack for my trip to Thailand next week, I leave on Wednesday! Otherwise, I’ll be wearing the same 2 pair of pants for 2 weeks, as nothing else fits! This is not, however, a bad thing šŸ™‚ I love that nothing fits!

Wednesday’s meals, on the run in Shanghai:
Breakfast: 1 fried egg and slab of pork (street food, yes, I’m a glutton for punishment!)
Late lunch: Roast chicken and green beans with tofu crumbles and chilis
Dinner: pot of FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and bran

Only got about 600 mL of water in, but did have a couple coca-cola lights and a cafe latte with skim milk.

Another big thanks for all the support! It helps more than you can imagine to know that there are other Dukaners on this journey AND that my family and friends are also cheering me on!


6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 74

  1. You certainly are stable in the weight loss area. Traveling again? Sounds great. Enjoy every bite.

    I hope the flood waters calm down there. I know you will enjoy every bite…I mean every moment. I am sure you will not have a difficult time food wise. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    • Thanks, Kath! I look forward to the trip. Tummy still a bit dodgy this morning. Trying to make sure I get some calories in, don’t want my body to think I’m starving it! Did manage 500 mL water first thing this morning šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, it’s as if the stomach troubles were blog-contagious, i haven’t been too well down there either! Its curious how sometimes i read that we all have plateaus at the same time, illnesses, ups and downs… I envy your trips and the places you visit!!! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks! And I hope that you are feeling better… I’m at about 75% today. Still some rumbling… and you’re right. Kath (the Duchess of Dukan) had tummy troubles this week too! In regard to my trips… I consider myself quite fortunate… I basically work to travel. Living out of the U.S. makes it easier, since I’m closer to a whole lot of places that I want to see in this world… just a few years of fun and fodder, then back to the real world… LOL

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