Dukan – Day 40

Today was a PP day!

Weight Loss (last 2 days): 1.8 lb/0.80 kg

Total Loss: 25.8 lb/11.71 kg Just cruisin’ along on this program. Had a plateful of yummy looking french fries brought with my “no bun” burger and didn’t touch a one of them… HARD, but I did it.

It’s been a couple of busy days, so I’m only going to recap the days meals:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 liter water, coffee
Snack: 1 boiled egg, coffee
Lunch: 3 slices boiled ham, 1/2 liter water, Diet Coke
Dinner: Two pieces of talapia with herbs, pot of yogurt

I’m walking…  A LOT! Over an hour a day. It’s really enjoyable. Walked in a slight drizzle this evening… wonderful. I had a health check yesterday morning and my blood pressure was 111/55 … pulse 62. Waiting on the blood results… can’t wait to see if my cholesterol, which was 184 (normal) has come down anymore. I’ll keep ya posted 🙂


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