Dukan – Changes

So yesterday, Kitty my Super Duper Personal Assistant, commented that my “bottom” looked very nice in my new jeans… so of course, we had to take a picture 😀 First the picture of my big behind that made me really think about how badly I needed to take control of my health…

Seriously???? UGH!

For those of you who don’t know… I’m the one with my back to the camera with the purple sweater “hiding” my big bottom!

Here’s the pic that Kitty took… I think there’s a bit of a difference… LOL

Yeah... that's my backside 🙂

Kitty also mentioned that you could see all my tattoos through the shirt I was wearing, she’s so observant!

I was down 200grams/0.7 lbs… but still up from my low weight last week… not stressing over it… well, maybe a little!

I’ll do a running update when I can figure out how to do it… Brett told me, but I can’t find the saved notes… LOL



27 thoughts on “Dukan – Changes

  1. That is amazing! Also – I’ve also been up about 1 lb from my lowest last week, but I’m slowly learning not to fret so much about it. I eat very well–good, nutritious, nourishing food, I don’t overdo it, I don’t eat sugars or starches, my blood sugars are controlled, and I have to accept my body’s occasional hormonal flare-ups. I know that if I keep at it, I’ll eventually be where I want to be. I already have a track record, and whoo-boy, so do you!

  2. : ) LOL – “hiding” your bottom! Made me think of some of my pics! I thought wearing black was slimming?!?! Thats a joke! Black is slimming on slim people……. You have slimmed down again so much, even since your last jeans pic! You look amazing Sandi – congrats on your missing behind! Although Im sure you’re not missing it!!!!!! xoxo

    • I wore black all the time, too. Oh how we fool ourselves. The 2 wks at home last August was transformational. Starting with my life coach meeting with John. I’m so grateful I saw the light and lost this weight 🙂

  3. Hunka hunka burnin’ mama 🙂 Sigh, I still have a closet full of black and yep…a boat load of very pricey FLAX by Jeanne Engelhart tops and bottoms that are all loose and billowy because ya know, I must look good in clothes that cost so much…fooled only my own self I did. Been slowly sending the flax lot to consignment as the seasons dictate. The old joke about does this dress make my butt look big? Well, the answer is always NO it’s my fat that made my butt look big 🙂
    Way to rock the denim sistah!

    • Thanks, Anna 🙂 I took the billowy clothes in January and gave them away to friends, family and thrift stores… so glad they don’t fit! I’m not keeping a single article of clothing that doesn’t fit… I refuse to ever be fat again… EVER! 😀

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