Recipe – Dukan & Paleo – There’s A Kangaroo in my Crockpot!

I’m in the land of the Aussies and when in Oz…

I traveled here last Friday and what is wonderful about flying west is that you don’t have such bad jet lag. It’s the flying back east that does you in! It is summer here in Adelaide and the weather is glorious! I’ll do a post on the hikes I’ve been doing tomorrow, but today’s special is Roo!

We purchased the kangaroo in the market and to me it looks like beef…


I made a spice rub with chili, garum masala and cumin and rubbed it in all the crevices…


I then seared the Roo on both sides in 2 Tbs of coconut oil…


I chopped 2 onions and a nice piece of ginger and tossed into the crockpot, put in just enough water to cover the bottom, placed the Roo on top of that and poured the drippings from the pan on top of all of it…


Cooked on high 3.5 hours and bam…


Tender, falling apart meat! The onions cooked down nicely and the gravy was yummy!


Plated with an organic salad and this was a perfect meal 🙂 I also enjoyed a 1/2 cup of rice and those purple things are carrots!


I liked the meat. It wasn’t gamey at all. Reminded me of buffalo meat, but tastier and more tender. I would definitely try this again!

Have you tried something different? How did you like it?

14 thoughts on “Recipe – Dukan & Paleo – There’s A Kangaroo in my Crockpot!

  1. A kangaroo once punched my mother in the face. I’ll remain silent on how I feel about that (snicker), but I think she’d appreciate this post. I hope you have fun Momma. I so dearly love and miss you!

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