Dukan – Day 182 – 70 POUNDS GONE!

Well, it took me 7 extra days to get to the goal, but I DID IT! Not too bad given that I spent 3 weeks home on a super fun vacation 😀

Friday was a PP day.

Daily Weight Loss: 1.1 lb/0.50 kg
Total Weight Loss: 70.2 lb/31.91 kg …. 5 STONE!

I’m doing the happy dance! Seriously… the happy dance burns even more calories 🙂

I was off today and slept until 7! That is the first morning I’ve slept so late in over a month! Got some blogging done and threw in laundry. Then off to catch a taxi to Kira’s house for breakfast. On the way, the sun peeked through the ever present haze/smog and I snapped a shot…


This picture was taken at 927 a.m…. the weather is still crappy and cold, but I did get to see the sun and that’s all I needed to cheer me up!

Breakfast was a crustless quiche, made especially Dukan friendly just for me… THANKS, KIRA! And I was so busy playing with the amazingly adorable Soren that I didn’t get any other pictures besides this one, which I thought was particularly artsy…

I present… Soren’s Spoon Art


It’s a little blurry, but you get the point… It’s skippy peanut butter on a demi-spoon. He stuck it there because I didn’t want to “taste” it… LOL

Anyway… long walk to the bank to open an account with an American company (CitiBank)… treated like a VIP and it was the least painful banking experience I’ve had thus far in China… WOOT!

Then home to have a very accomplished afternoon of laundry, boxing unpacking and repacking, setting out candles all over my flat to raise and lift my mood, burned nag incense to make the house smell good, organized my office room as an art studio and cooked myself a yummy Curry Stir-Fried beef with onions.

All in all a good day, capped off by a wonderful, happy inducing weigh in this morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Quote of the day: Remember, that being a success without happiness is meaningless.
~ Richard Denny

9 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 182 – 70 POUNDS GONE!

  1. Congrats on reaching your goal! I love your blog. Very inspiring. Will keep up with your progress for sure. Hopefully some of your dedication will rub off on me! 🙂 – Thanks for your comments on my blog too! Keep up this good work!

  2. Congrates on losing 70 lbs, so impressed and you look amazing. I just spent two evenings reading your dukan journey and you inspire me. I started my dukan journey on the 7th of August 2011 and so far have lost 36 lbs, my bmi going down from 34.8 😦 to 28 🙂 I’m now 1 stone off my dukan true weight. You are right about walking, it definitely makes a huge difference. I have really enjoyed your honesty and humour throughout your blog. I used to be a nurse before my son Harry was born 11 years ago, I now work in a school as a teacher assistant here in the Uk. Im originally from Australia until 20 years ago when I met my hubby Mark on my travels. Keep it up, can’t wait to read more xxx

    • Thanks, Meg 🙂 I am humbled that you’ve worked your way through the whole blog! Wow! Oh how I can’t wait for my BMI to be 28… I’m getting closer and closer. Congrats on your 36 pound weight loss, that is AWESOME!!!
      I’ve met lots of Aussie’s living in the UK… Charlotte, a fellow Dukaner, is one of them.
      Again… thanks for stopping by!

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