Dukan – Day 43 – Down 2 stone!

Today was supposed to be a PV day but ended up a PP day.

Daily Weight Loss: 2.0 lb/0.90 kg
Total Weight Loss: 28.2 lb/12.81 kg . but most importantly I hit a milestone.. 2.01 STONE!
I know… you guys are saying “what the hell is a stone!?!?” … well it’s an imperial weight, mostly used in England and Ireland Β equal to 14 pounds. It is used mostly for personal body weight measurement. So, “I’m down 2 stone”… Sounds nice πŸ™‚

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for me. I resigned from my job in Al Ain, UAE, I had to write emails to some pretty stunned people, but I had great relief from just doing it and moving on from what had become a nightmare for many reasons.

I had the bad news from my amazing friend Amanda that her sweet 4 year old Gavin was probably not going to survive graft versus host disease from a transplant he received to heal him from not one, but two different types of leukemias… Gavin, who I was honored to receive into my hands and hand up to a mommy who deserved and got a 2nd chance.

I had the elation of finally sitting down and typing up the itinerary for the trip to Thailand next month with Cathy, Karen and Dominique… up and down all day!

And what do I USUALLY do when I’m on a roller coaster emotionally? Especially the downside of it… EAT… comfort EAT… comfort EAT CARBS. What did I do instead? WALK, WALK, and more WALK. And drank a crapload of water! What a difference! I don’t feel even worse (emotionally or physically) because I downed a bag of chips. As tempting as that might be.

Late Breakfast: 2 eggs fried (by the way I’m still using olive oil to cook with) and 3 little pork rashers… like bacon, but smaller and rounder. 1/2 liter water, coffee
Snack: a couple of bitefuls of that Fat Free Cottage cheese… YUM
Snack: the leftover 3 rashers from the morning
Dinner: 3 slices of ham, 2 boiled eggs with a schmear of Fat Free
Philly’s cream cheese that tasted yucky! 750 mL water
Snack: Pot of FF yogurt with bran and splenda 1/2 liter water

It wasn’t so hard not comfort eating. Made easier by the fact that there is no “old” comfort food in the house. I’m comforting myself on boiled eggs and water πŸ˜€ and that is making all the difference in my weight loss!


10 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 43 – Down 2 stone!

  1. Happy for you that you are now free of your former ordeal in Al Ain. As for your diet, can’t you include some fresh fruit and veggies? Is there something in them that you cannot have in this diet? Just a little concerned. ❀ Mom

    • Mom… veggies every other day, but I didn’t have for 2 days… I eat asparagus, broccoli, dark green salad veggies. I eat onions and garlic almost every single day, as they are allowed daily. NO FRUITS… too many carbs. At some point… way down the road, I’ll be able to add fruits πŸ™‚

  2. My own emotions went up & down as I read through your post — a big congrats on losing two stone and leaving a job situation that had become a nightmare, though I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s son Gavin…

    • Thanks, Vicki… it was like a roller coaster all day. After some much needed rest, I’m a bit better today. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comments! It’s good to have the support!

  3. Congratulations for resisting the temptation to “emotional eat”.
    Isn’t it strange when at one point you don’t do it anymore … you feel kind of good, yet at the same time kind of weird and empty!
    I guess that will last until new strategies fall into place naturally …

  4. Well done on the two stone – I much prefer stone to kilos – they sound so much more weighty, and they are!!! Congrats two huge boulders dropped and your staying strong through thick and thin. Hope the job change works out well for you too ;@)

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