Dukan – Day 61

Today was a PP day.
Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total Weight Loss: 34.6 lb/15.71 kg

I had a great day. Nice day at work, chatted with Lucy and Ethel on google chat, chatted with other friends on facebook, lots of emails (accept one that I would really like to get!!!) and then came home and fixed a nice PP dinner and off to bed at 1015 pm for me. Except at 1040 pm I get a call that one of my patients “may” be in labor… just a heads up. I roll back over and go to sleep… then I get up 10 mins. later and throw up 😛 I hate throwing up! I’d rather have brain surgery than throw up, and now what everyone else has had at work for days is inside me!!!! Ugh.

I then go back to bed at 1105 and sleep and at 1145 my assistant calls and says that a different patient is in labor and I need to come… I tell her to give me some time… I set my alarm for 100 and roll back over, and get up and throw up… yuck!!!!! Up at 0100 and walk the 1.5 kms back to work and patient definitely in labor… had a gorgeous baby boy 2.9 kgs at 0558…. birth heals me… I didn’t have any gastronomic issues during the labor or delivery!… Here’s a pic of cuteness…

It's a Boy!

Then I ate an egg and feel yucky again… not gonna eat for a while… lol

So now I’m off to bed… I hope the banging upstairs stops 🙂



6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 61

  1. No matter, what please watch your fluids and watch for dehydration. If you can not keep the fluids down remember the protein and water relationship. OOppps, you know that.

    So instead hope it does not last long. Be good to you. Everyone seems to be coming down with something.

  2. Oh no — hope you feel better soon (I hate throwing up, too).

    The little baby in the photo is so adorable! What an awesome job you have (not the getting-up-at-1 a.m. part — the bringing-life-into-the-world part)… 🙂

  3. Oh I did not see the picture till now. Oh how grand. A real cutie. You look great. 1 am and stomach problems do not show. All that good living.

    Thanks for sharing. I needed a smile.

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