Dukan – Day 106

Sunday was a PP (Pure Protein) Day… I will do 4 of these in a row to kick my butt back into ketosis after 4 PV days in a row 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 1.1 lb/0.50 kg
Total Weight Loss: 49.1 lb/22.31 kg

After 4 days in Hong Kong, it was nice to sleep in until 8. Didn’t have to be at work until noon. Yay! I took a 15 minute walk in the cool (41F) air, then picked up tea eggs for Lucy and I. So for breakfast I had 2 tea eggs and 2 small slices of ham… yum!

Then a walk to the hospital where I saw a patient and then over to the International Hotel where I was to give a marketing talk about our LDR (Labor,Delivery,Recovery) Room… OK, so no one told me this was basically black tie!!! I’m in trouser with blue and white stripes, my favorite dark blue wool hiking shirt with a sleeveless white top with blue embroidery and my black boots. I feel a tad bit OK about it since Winnie, Mickey, Minnie and some pink Pig are roaming around, as well. I also didn’t get the memo that there would be about 250 – 300 people there! There was beautiful music, a 4 string quartet, a solo pianist and a jazz sax player (who was awesome!)… and then 2 presentations, mine and the head Dean of the hospital, who talked about water birth… then we auctioned off a water birth package and I gave out books. Fun day! I drank 2 750 mL bottles of water during this 3 hour event 😀

Afterwards, Lucy, Kitty and I start looking for a taxi so that we can get to the grocery store downtown. I have no groceries in the house, at all! They are all full and after 30 minutes of trying, I get frustrated because I’m hungry RIGHT NOW, and if I don’t eat I may stray! So we abandon the idea of shopping and go to the steak house… where I get “Australian Baby Cow”… LOL, I presume this means veal raised in Australia, but who knows…. it was yummy and came out on a sizzling cast iron plate.

Walked home and before bed a pot of FF (fat free) Greek yogurt with bran and Splenda and a nice warm cup of Earl Grey Tea while Skyping and then off to bed…. Nice day J


Quote of the day: To explore what it would mean to live fully, sensually alive and passionately on purpose, I have to drop my preconceived ideas of who and what I am.

– Dawna Markova

10 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 106

  1. Your daily losses just keep coming, you are obviously sticking to the Dukan diet very well to consistently get them – good on you! You deserve to do well given you didn’t even eat your own birthday cake. Well done you!!

    • Thanks, ww_angel 🙂 I do seem to consistently lose, but it seems I have a week of loss, then a week of about 1/2 kg loss, then a week of loss again… funny how it goes. As long as the scale keeps moving, I’ll keep believing in myself. Thanks for the support… will read the rest of your blog when I get home from work. You only had breakfast on there when I read it… LOL

  2. Seriously can you lose anymore!!!!! I can’t believe what a fantastic rate you are shedding those lbs! I am so impressed. How’s the job going and i take it you are staying in China for a while?

    • I am SO happy with the results!!! I keep waiting for the ball to drop.

      The job is going well, no stress like at CromHell Hospital! 😀 I plan on being here about 2 years… unless they offer lots more money 🙂

  3. I stay in awe with all you are accomplishing. So happy that you finally found a happy place in your you. field. They are so lucky to have you. Counting the days til I see you. Received card telling me of bathing elephant. Fun!!! >3 M om

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