Dukan – Day 195 – Cruisin’ Along

Today was a PV day.

Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total Weight Loss: 73.3 lbs/33.31 kgs

Just cruising along here. Little tiny bits at a time. When I’m out running I imagine it all flying off of me and getting fitter and healthier.

It’s been a rough week, but I’ve hung in there. Usually when I hit a rough patch I eat things that aren’t good for me. That was the old Sandi… the pre-August 20th Sandi… I am so proud that I haven’t back slid into the bottomless pit of feeding my rough patches. To be honest, it feels good not to do it!

Overheard, by me, while running last night… “You’ve got this girl”… “Woo Hoo, that’s 5 minutes!”… “You WILL be fit and healthy”… “Yes, Yes, Yes… I think this is the last patch of run for the night”… “oh wait, nope… this one is… ugh”… “Put on your big girl panties and get on with it”… and finally, “Yes… I DID IT!” When the C25K lady tells me “1 minute to go” I rejoice and last night shed a few tears, during the cool down… last night I was pounding it out in the pouring rain in my waterproof jacket and a crocheted hat that Sandy O’Connor Huntley made me and loved that I was soaking wet. Running in the rain is cathartic… as I passed the gym in my complex for the 3rd time and the people were in the heated room on treadmills I thought, “girl, they ain’t got nothin’ on you”… LOL A bit cheeky I am these days.
So awesome workout… I preceded my run last night with a 20 minute yoga routine on the wii and 20 minutes of balance exercise, then a kick ass game of wii bowling… I scored a 172 🙂

Breakfast: 2 Tea Eggs (what else would I have??)
Lunch: 3 ham slices and a tea egg
Dinner: Pollo Saltado… damn was THAT good… I’ll do a recipe blog while on the train tomorrow night… don’t ask… part of my rough week b.s.
Snack: Didn’t get my yogurt in… it was too late when I realized it and I wasn’t hungry
Water: 2.6 liters… woot!


Quote of the day: “Put on your big girl panties” ~ First heard by me years ago by my midwife friend Deb Wage of Nashville.

15 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 195 – Cruisin’ Along

  1. Sandi your running is a great inspiration. Last summer I began *running* which is really more of a jog 4 me, and set a goal to do 1 mile non-stop in 15 minutes or less. I made that goal by Sept 3 then sprained my ankle 2 weeks later while hiking and was on crutches for a while. When it was time to get back to exercise, for some reason, I went back to HIIT/sprint 8…most likely to burn more fat. Not sure how long I’ll be unable to lift weights w/ this wrist injury, so perhaps I’ll go back to running.

    I’ll join you in the big girl panty party….I’m determined to stay Dukan through this process of healing and receive the gift I trust will be there…not particularly less weight (but I’ll gladly accept that too), but the unknown, as yet, gift on the other side of this temporary injury.

    • I hope your wrist feels better soon!!! And just so you know, the running forums (God, I can’t believe I’ve just used that in a sentence… LOL) any way, they say that if you ain’t walking, you’re running… no such thing as jogging! 🙂

      See Dukan through… it WORKS… It really, really does! xoxo

      • Ha ha ha…running forum! It’s so much fun to be branching out, right? I believe it does work, however this week has been a challenge. No more losses. Week three will hopefully be better. Stayed Dukan, but did not get in my exercise b/c of my wrist since wed/ workout. Looks like I won’t be lifting any time too soon though. Did get in a 40min walk tonight. Thanks for the input…woder if I should do 2 day attack?

      • walk = exercise 🙂 I’m stuck on a business trip in a village in China with limited food choices 😦 not looking forward to my weigh in.
        Hope the wrist is improving!

  2. Sandi, I found your blog by accident and i’m hooked. I am on Day 31 of Dukan. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and I am reading your blog everyday for inspiration. I live in Plano, Texas but have lived abroad (Israel) so I am also really enjoying reading about your trials, tribulations and joys in China. Wow! Thank you for making time to post about what you ate, how you felt, your hurdles and how you jumped them. It helps me a lot.

    • Hi Eileen! Welcome 🙂 Congrats on your 15 pound weight loss, that is AWESOME!

      I started posting to keep myself accountable, but really enjoy the positive feedback
      that I get from everyone, as well…. keep up the great work! Dukan WORKS! 😀

  3. Running!! I love it! i have loved “watching” your transition from the beginning til now. Absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks, Jamie… it’s been challenging, but I’m getting the swing of it… I used the term “running forum” an hour ago and I’m still giggling at the thought that it’s part of my vocabulary, LOL

    • Oh, I was terrified at first and couldn’t breathe. I was so worried about trashing my already crappy knees, but now it just feels so good to go out and do it. I really recommend Couch 2 5K. It eases you into it 🙂

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