Dukan – Day 26

hmmmm, no scale to weigh myself on 😦 tomorrow I will go to the medical center down the street & ask to weigh in 🙂

Also, the wordpress on my iPad doesn’t show the words I’m typing, so I’m going on faith that this makes sense… LOL
Breakfast: 500 mL water, coffee, 2 boiled eggs.
Lunch: 3 pork ribs, chopped up by very skilled chef… street food 🙂
Dinner: Wok cooked beef with onions, diet coke
Drank a whole litre of water on a one hour walk today, beautiful weather.
Mood: Happy 🙂 and I feel rested.

3 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 26

  1. Your post made sense to me..Sounds like your doing all the right things..Keep us all up to date..I’m back to walking and got 1 mile in today.. Made up my mind to take charge of my health and feeling much better..Canceled doctor appointments. Tired of paying them to tell me what I all ready know. Will continue to have my annual visits and eye exams.

    • You’re brilliant, Mom 🙂 A mile!!! Wow! Inspiring me to go even further. Your attitude is what has made me successful in my endeavors… how many 80 year olds are out there walking a mile???
      You rock, continue to take control of your health, we want you around for a whiile, because we kinda sorta like ya! hehehe 😀
      Love you bunches!

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