Dukan – Day 76

Friday was a PP day.
Daily weight loss: -0.4 lb/-0.18 kg (so gain of 1/2 lb)
Total weight loss: 40.3 lb/18.33 kg

So I was disappointed this morning when I got on the scale. How in the he’ll do you gain a half pound when you’ve had dodgy tummy for FIVE DAYS!!!!! I’ve spent the better part of this week in close proximity to the toilet and not the fridge… LOL

This morning, however, I walked to work and went to put on my dress pumps and they were tight. So I guess my body really is holding on for dear life. The good news is, I saw the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doc and she did some spinal manipulation, tummy manipulation and then she did acupressure points and cupping (which hurt like a mofo!). Well, no more dodgy tummy!
So, I’m hoping that tomorrow the scale will be on my side.

Breakfast: nothing… The staff canteen didn’t have eggs 😦
Lunch: Ravenous! Beef slices with cilantro and tofu.
Dinner: out at a Brazilian meat restaurant… Lots of meat, and I accidentally ate cow tongue, and it didn’t taste bad (never would have eaten it if I had known!)
No snack with bran, but I got about 1 liter of water in, and drank about 500 mL of lemon juice at dinner.


3 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 76

  1. Your weight thing could be you are gaining muscle if you are still on that exercise program. Water weight will happen due to where you live. Do not worry. And a slow down to a more normal loss at some time is expected. You are doing everything correctly. Just need to do one more thing.

    Do not worry. Easy thing to say but have faith. You are heading in the right direction. Keep doing it.

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