Dukan – Day 183 – The Sun Has Come Out!

This is going to be the fastest blog ever… Driver picking me up in 6 minutes to catch a train to Shanghai for the day… I am SO excited!

Saturday was a PV Day.

Daily Weight Loss: 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Total Weight Loss: 70.4 lb/32.01 kg

Sun was out all day. I took a couple of pics, but the new download on my iPhone update didn’t save them… lol. Quick morning of doing some banking and then teaching a childbirth education class in the afternoon. I have a PowerPoint photo diary with music of Tiffany’s birth of Jose (Tiffany is my youngest daughter). It’s a beautiful montage of photos and with the music attached, there is never a dry eye in the audience. They loved it!

Dinner was stir-fried lean pork with onions, mushrooms and garlic stems with Italian seasonings. Thankfully I took that pic with my iPad. It was delish!

So, driver here… gotta run… Ciao!


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