Dukan – Sunday Celebration Meal!

I love Sundays because they are Celebration Meal day for me! I’m in Shanghai bringing a friend to the airport, so staying overnight.

I had a marketing event this morning where I spoke about natural birth and water birth to over 300 parents to be!


Then off to the train station with Suzanne and Steve.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs, 1 ounce pepper jack cheese, 2 slices lot bacon.
Lunch: a burger with onions and nothing else
Snack: handful of almonds
Met my good friend Federica for dinner…
Dinner at greek Taverna… Nirvana? I had hummus, cucumbers, Greek fries, a Greek salad and grilled feta cheese. Finished of with a pot of Greek yogurt with a smidge of honey!

Long walk back to hotel… Crashing!

11 thoughts on “Dukan – Sunday Celebration Meal!

  1. Did you mean a smidge of honey with that Greek yogurt? Oh…. My favorite thing and I have mine with tupelo honey. Only 32 lbs before I can have that again. No sweat. Telling someone about you today. Catching babies part. More about that later. Off to find your tea egg recipe .Got the no gluten (thanks for the tip ) soy sauce and some smokey Asian tea. Enjoy Shanghai.

  2. LOL you must have been tired! or drunk on greek food!!! a smidge of yogurt with your yogurt! I really like hearing what you eat…gives me ideas !

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