Dukan – Day 178 – At least it’s warming up!

Today was a PP day (Pure Protein).

Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total Weight Loss: 67.1 lb/30.51 kg

Woke up in a bit of a funk, but happy to see that the temp was actually over 40 degrees!!! Yay!           After the walk to work and handover, I had 2 tea eggs for breakfast. I also drank nearly 1000mL of water with grapefruit Crystal Light in it. I’m really enjoying having the flavored water. I find I can drink down half the 1.5 Liter bottle and refill with water and it’s still tasty!

Meeting with the CEO mid-morning and then a walk to the halal restaurant for lunch. Beef slices with cilantro and garlic stems with chili pepper… phew they were hot!

Afternoon filled with writing policies and PowerPoints and then on my walk home I decided to walk to the mall to pick up a few items at the grocery store. I was in the elevator, having an OVERWHELMING urge to pop into the PIZZA HUT for a pizza… seriously, this is the FIRST time I’ve craved carbs in nearly 6 months!!!! when my iPhone rings and it’s Velina and she’s inviting me to dinner at the Mexican restaurant… divine intervention, for sure! So I walked the further 1.3 miles down to the restaurant to meet them… I had Beef fajitas with extra onions and without the fajitas… crisis diverted. I know it’s about wanting comfort food, and DAMMIT I will not fall into that trap! I’ve been gluten free since August 20th and plan on staying that way  😀

Power walk back jamming to lots of different tunes, mood lifted, feeling a bit better, shower and facebook and bed… Things are looking up 🙂


Quote of the Day: A photo quote…


7 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 178 – At least it’s warming up!

    • Thanks, Sonia…. the quote was appropriate given my desire to consume Pizza Hut… I don’t know what I was thinking! I’ve got on my Levi’s skinny jeans for the first time today, in a NORMAL size and I’m SO glad I didn’t succumb to the call of the pizza! 😀

  1. I know it’s so strange, like an out of body experience! Shows the amazing power of the mind – we just need to keep it on course. Congrats – NORMAL jeans – wow you are skinny!!!! LOL. Bet it feels great to be in normal sizes. What an achievement. xoxo

  2. Normal jeans are so good. You earned them.

    Beware of Crystal lite. According to Dukan face book, the monitors report that crystal lite has 5 calories each 8 ounces of fluids and therefore not Dukan friendly. If you had carb carvings (Pizza Hut), it may be due to those calories. Check the beverage section of Dukan USA face book.
    It will be spring before you know.
    Kept up the good work. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it stagnated me during my first Dukan days. Sorry.

  3. I flavor my water with Sweet & Low. with a shot of lemon juice Am drinking lots more water. Weighed in at doctors office yesterday and was down to 141. Shocker. Am just 1 lb. short of my desired wt. Wish I could get a few new items as everything I own is TOO big. Thinking of taking jeans and dress pants to be altered. Lot cheaper then new. LOL.

    • You are so amazing, Mom! Wow 140! I think getting them altered is a more cost effective way. Also, Goodwill or other thrift stores. I bought some stuff at the thrift store before I headed back to China! Love you xoxo

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