Dukan- Day 77

Saturday was a PV day.
Daily weight loss: 0.2 lb/0.08 kg
Total weight loss: 40.5 lb/18.41 kg

Ahhhhh, feeling MUCH better tummy wise! I am still retaining some water, but hope to be back to normal for my trip to Thailand this week.

After work today I was invited to Chiara and Joe’s pre-wedding dinner in Joe’s family’s village. As I was walking down the alley between houses on the way from Joe’s family house to the warehouse where the dinner took place, I realized how amazingly fortunate I really am! I am blessed and I don’t take that granted for one single minute!

Good food, good company, many different languages and so much fun! Today they will have their celebration of marriage… Good times.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: sliced beef and green beans with tofu crumbles and hot chilis
Dinner: see pic below… Stayed true to Dukan, but man it was tempting not to… LOL
I had planned on a pot of yogurt when I got home. But no appetite for it.

Some pics from my fun night out…


Alessandro and his Papa from Milan.


3 thoughts on “Dukan- Day 77

  1. Oh great pictures. So glad you are happy.

    Diet is heading in the right direction. There are natural ups and downs. Have you been eating out more? Sodium is so hard to control no matter where you live.

    Glad your tummy is better.

  2. Pleased to learn you are feeling better. Looks like you had a grand time at pre wedding. It seems that every where in the world you go you blend in and meet the most interesting people. And I get to tag along. Isn’t the internet great. Have fun in Thailand .

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