Dukan – Days 59 & 60

Day 59 a PV Day & Day 60 a PP Day

Day 59:
Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total Weight Loss: 32.4 lb/14.71 kg

Day 60:
Daily Weight Loss: 1.8 lb/.80 kg
Total Weigth Loss 34.1 lb/15.51 kg

So… turning the scale to the West and exhaling every particle of oxygen in my lungs… WORKS!!! Really should be published so other dieters know the trick 😀

Yesterdays Meals:
Before 1.5 kg walk to work… 500 mL water and cup of coffee
Breakfast: 2 really big eggs that I got from the hospital canteen. They are called “Tea Egg” because they are boiled in strong tea and soy sauce… the flavor seeps in slight into the egg shell and they are pretty yummy! 330 mL water
Lunch: Shaved roast beef with cilantro  500 mL water
Afternoon snack.. not hungry, but 250 mL water
Dinner: Stir-fried tofu with garlic stems and garlic gloves… so yummy! Coke Zero

Stir-fried tofu with Garlic stems and cloves

I think one of the things that kicked me back in to weight loss mode was making sure that I got the water in… it really is so important and I re-read that section in the Dukan book last night… it’s on my nightstand and the last thing I do before I fall asleep. He states that without the additional water, your body can’t get rid of the uric acid built up by eating such high amounts of protein. It is ESSENTIAL with this diet to get in your water! I’ve been very good about it, shockingly, because I’ve never been a water drinker, but there are days when I simply don’t take the time to drink enough… that and the bran… the bran is a must! It adds fiber and helps all that extra protein that your body doesn’t need, flush out… so I made sure I got both in… and viola… progress!

A big shout out to all the support I get from my fellow Dukaners… hearing from you nearly daily, is wonderful! Sharing your tips, trials, triumphs and recipe ideas is making this journey so much easier!

And of course thanks to my family & friends… who love me however I am… and whereever I may be.



10 thoughts on “Dukan – Days 59 & 60

  1. I think you are so right about the water. True on any diet but more so on high protein diet. what I find amazing is that in 60 DAYS (SIXTY) you have LOST 34 lbs. THIRTY_FOUR POUNDS in 60 days. Shout OUT!!
    Well done.

    • I really find the days that I don’t drink the water are the days that I also don’t have bran… know idea why those two go together like that, and hence the days that I don’t loose much or any weight… it must be the secret weapon!

  2. that Tofu looks good – ive never eaten it – whats the consistency like? does it have any flavour naturally? I tried miracle noodles last night and the consistency is a big no-no for me…

    • If you’ve eaten Indian food you’ve probably had tofu and didn’t know it. They put it in most of their dishes, even meat dishes. The consistency of firm tofu, when allowed to simmer for a bit, is nearly like chicken that’s been cooking a long time and falling off the bone. I have eaten dishes thinking it was chicken only to find out it’s tofu. It has no flavor uncooked. It takes on the flavor of what you cook it in, and I think it’s yummy. I was unsure when I first started eating it around 10 years ago, but once I did, I loved it! 🙂

  3. I agree with Kathlucky and you should be so proud!!! I started the same day as you… im on my 60th day and only -4 kg !! im ashamed!!! I am a biggest cheater ever though so its normal, but since i only have 7 to loose in total the weight loss is also slower (or so i’ve been told… ) and i am not in a rush. But i really really admire you, specially since you said you have not cheated EVER! Good girl!!! amazing even!!! Congratulations!!!!

    • Actually… you’ve gone over the half way mark, and I’m not even close 🙂 I’m at about the 1/3 mark… so you are doing GREAT!!! I don’t cheat though, I have to admit, I set my mind to something I accomplish it… I have no idea why I’m afflicted like that… heheehehe… YOU CAN DUKAN!!! Do 2 PP days and kick start yourself! Thanks for the support!! xoxoxo 🙂

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