Dukan – Day 231

Friday was a PP Day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 1.1 lb/0.50 kg
Total weight loss: 85.2 lb/38.71 kg
I’ve lost 1/3 of my weight since August! 33.40% to be exact.
I’m in the 160’s!!! And have 4.84 lbs to go until I reach Dr. Dukan’s True weight and 14.84 lbs to go to reach my goal.

The full moon last night was gorgeous:


Breakfast: 2 tea eggs and bacon
Lunch: tuna
Dinner: stir fry steak with onions and garlic

Exercise: I RAN and I was FINE : D


No pain in the knee while running!

I hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend!


10 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 231

  1. Wow a third of you has dissapeared forever! You are so close to your goal, how do you feel about the next phase- consolidation? Is there something you really want to eat for your first celebration meal? So glad your knee is ok when you ran 🙂 . Have a lovely Easter Sandi, do they celebrate it where you are? I have some lovely Lindt bunnies for Harry & Mark-may have little nibble myself lol! Mark says Easter bunny is bringing me a no calorie Easter egg??? He did buy me a beautiful dress yesterday, size 12 non stretch above the knee which have not seen daylight for many years I wore it to friends I haven’t seen in a while and got lots of wows and what is this diet you are on!:) x

  2. Thanks, Meg… FOREVER being the key word 🙂
    I’m a little anxious about consolidation, but I think I’ll be fine. Working on menu plans to make the transition a bit easier.
    I am planning on a Palak Paneer for my first celebration meal. I love Indian food and that is the one thing I miss. I totally don’t plan on going back to wheat… ever, so no naan with it… maybe some pompadoms if I can find the ones made with lentil flour!
    If you’re going to sneak chocolate for Easter make it a beautiful, expensive dark chocolate! 😀
    Congrats on the Size 12 dress… isn’t it awesome to fit into smaller clothes AND have people notice… woo hoo!

  3. A third of you!!!!!!!!! Wowza! I think I’m going to set that goal for myself as well. That’s AMAZING. Can’t wait to see the final pics (esp. with all that fancy surgery you’re having).

    • LOL… the surgery will just take the extra bits away 🙂

      I still can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost… it’s going to take some time I think for it to sink in. You’re doing amazingly well, too!!! Controlling and losing weight is one thing… controlling your sugars as well as you have is AMAZING!

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