Dukan – Day 21 – Day 13 Cruise

No weigh in this morning… got up late and didn’t strip off and weigh in, but all’s good.

This is a message I got from Dukan US this morning… I’m disappointed because I really feel that reading each other’s blogs is so supportive and encouraging at the same time!

    • Dukan Diet – US Sandy – please honor our request under FAQ “Facebook Guidelines” and do not post links to your blog. We love hearing about your success, so please continue to post. This is a rule for everyone. Thanks so much!

      22 hours ago · Like
    • Sandi Sandelier Blankenship Sorry… didn’t read the FAQ’s… too bad you don’t allow it, I’m following 9 blogs written by people who are on the dukan diet and they are an amazing inspiration to me with wonderful ideas for keeping the program interesting… won’t post again though.
      Breakfast: Yogurt with splenda and oat bran and coffee and water.
      Lunch: Roast beef, a bit more well done than I like. Bottled water and diet coke.
      Afternoon: Coffee & a small chicken breast, grilled to perfection by the kitchen staff.
      Dinner: 4 slices of turkey breast, diet coke, water.
      Snack: Greek yogurt w/ splenda… still trying to get used to how thick that is!
      Now I’m off for a walk and then to bed!

12 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 21 – Day 13 Cruise

  1. Pfft. Yet another example of the money grubbing Dukan overlords trying to control the people who bought the book in good faith. The more I hear about what they do, the more I feel embarrassed to even be promoting this diet though my own blog. I feel like naming it something else, like Charlotte’s Low-Carb-Low-Fat Diet blog, or something.

    Shame on them – don’t they realise that it’s all good publicity for them? Though I suppose, they can’t control the message when people blog about it independently – if someone posted something derogatory about the Dukan website on the Facebook group, I bet that the moderators would delete it immediately.

    What crap-merchants. 😦 I was very impressed by how restrained you were in your reply.

  2. >>I was very impressed by how restrained you were in your reply.<<< See… you know me already! Restraint is NOT my middle name 😀

    It does piss me off. I didn't sign up for their web site "help"… not needed when you have the book and especially after I read about your experience.

    I do have to admit, this is really working for me without the crappy side effects of the Atkins diet (my liver HATED me from all the fat!!!), but I think it's shitty that they are denying Dukaners the benefit of reading blogs of those that have successes and failures… it really is empowering to read your blog and the others that I follow!

  3. sometimes I am lost for words…….you would be thinking they would be delighted that you are promoting their diet/ book……..stupid folk and they wonder why the world is in a mess !!!!!

  4. You have been doing so well with every thing. Great that you are getting your snacks in.

    Greek yogurt has twice the protein and less carbs than other yogurt when comparing NF Plain yogurt to NF plain Greek yogurt. A real winner on the protein side of things.

    You are doing just super. Unbelievable isn’t it. Remember they tell us the weigh loss slows way down and we must be prepared for that.

  5. Oops I guess i do not think about them (US Dukan FB) much since I forgot to tell you that in the above post. The Dukan US facebook has a lot of problems and is struggling. Always interesting there. The FB spoke person does not hid what she think of the US dieters. Very sloppy in many ways. I like to think I know who some of the posters are there on FB.

    Please do not give them a second thought.

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