Dukan – Days 19 & 20 – Days 11 & 12 Cruise

Friday was a PP Day (I’m doing 2 PP and 1 PV alternatively)
Saturday was a PV Day

Daily Loss: 1.3 lb/0.59 kg
Total Loss: 17.9 lb/8.14 kg

Daily Loss: 2.0 lb/0.91 kg  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
Total Loss: 19.9 lb/9.05 kg SO STINKIN’ CLOSE TO 20 POUNDS… JUST OUNCES TO GO!!!!!!!
Wt. to go: 90.1 lb/41 kg

I was so 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  when I stepped on the scale this morning. The two days together equal a 3.3 pound loss. How amazing is that!?!?!? I am SO close to 20 pounds of loss in just 3 weeks!

Yesterday I ate very well, it was a PP day and Lucy and I traveled to Dubai for the weekend to just get out of town, relax, get away from work and stress and to SHOP for bags… which we did. Dinner was a yummy steak and with a whole onion cut up. I tried to make Pepper Steak with FF Fromage Frais… yeah, that doesn’t work… LOL, it turned into like a chewy cheesy thing, although I did eat a bit of it 🙂

This morning we were up and out of the house early to drop Lucy’s dad off at the airport and then to Karama Street (famous area in Dubai for getting bargain buys)… we took the advise of a friend of mine ( THANKS BECS!!!!) and totally scored. Here’s my buy:

My new bags 🙂

Lunch at an Arabic restaurant, beef and chicken grilled mix and some cucumbers and bell peppers… funny how much better they all taste when you miss them! And early dinner with Elizabeth and Lucy at Shakespere’s… I had a steak sandwich minus the bread and the french fries… it was yummy!

I’ve just had my first pot of Greek yogurt… yummy, but TOO THICK! It felt like eating peanut butter! It’ll take some getting used to.

So I’m celebrating an awesome weekend!



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