Dukan – Day 229

In very late from consult, so quickie update….

Wednesday was a PV Day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 0.7 lb/0.37 kg
Total weight loss: 82.5 lb/37.51 kg

1. The 160’s are very close!
2. Plastic surgery consult went well, full update in morning blog tomorrow 🙂
3. Sneak peek… Doc said I had very little fat to lipo from abdomen… I love him 😀
4. Didn’t get enough calories in today, but did take some food… Need to work on that better!

I’m off to bed, spent a total of 8 hours on high speed trains today!


Gorgeous old stone bridge contrasted against new buildings in background. Seen from train this morning.


Kitty and I at the train station…


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