Dukan in Hong Kong

Thursday was a PP Day 🙂
I’m up 200 grams today and I have NO BLOODY IDEA how that can be!
I did the following:
Walked all over the city at a brisk pace = 5.21 miles
I pooped 🙂
I RAN UPHILL and the down = 2.58 miles
I did KYA Ashtanga yoga (KYA is Kick Your Ass, name of the class, and it did!) = 90 minutes

I ate:
Breakfast- 4 slices oven roasted turkey and a small chunk of low fat (6%) cheese
Lunch – same as above
Dinner – street pork, two pieces of he crispy skin (could not resist) and NOTHING ELSE
Snack – pot of fat free Greek yogurt with 2 T bran and a Splenda
Drank- 1 coffee and 3.5 liters of water

I’m a bit disappointed…. Which is out of character for me 😦 That’s a net gain of 300 grams for 2 days.

I had a really good day though and a massage in the middle of all the exercise, and the best news is that I’m still able to move this morning! I was a bit worried after the yoga.

Here’s some pics if my day!







My running route uphill!!!




16 thoughts on “Dukan in Hong Kong

  1. Hi, fab photos! Glad u had a massage, not sure how you managed to take a photo during it – I was nearly asleep during mine!
    I’m sure your weight will settle on your return home, i dont know if this effects you but when I fly I always retain fluid which takes a few days to go. Your yoga sounds hardcore, I’m very impressed you could move the next morning, your fitness sounds fantastic! Enjoy the rest of your time in Hong Kong:) x

  2. Totally agree with Meg about little gains, probably just the flying, you’ll be whooshing away when you get home. Sounds like you’re having some great R&R. Well deserved! xoxo

  3. I always ache two days after doing exercise….maybe the street pork was really cake with pork round the outside.lol. You’ve done so amazingly so far, hardly any gain days. Maybe its muscle?:)

    • MJ, I’m a tenacious among other things, like competitive, funny, awesome 😀 Lol

      Thanks so much for your support… I’m hoping my body resumes its normalcy in the next few days… We’ll see what morning weigh in brings… As will you 🙂

  4. Much in agreement with the travel related up. I know for myself any travel, even a non flight travel is disruptive to my routine. You’re SO committed to powering through with your exercise that I’m sure it will stabilize once you get back to China. Glad to hear you treated yourself to a massage Hurray!! Have a great weekend.

    • I listened to it on the plane flying back to Hangzhou…. BEAUTIFUL! I really like “Meaning of Life”.
      HK is great, especially when you live in mainland China… kind of like getting a dose of civilization, just a 2 hour flight away 🙂

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