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So this goes right along with Moonday’s Philosophy, she’s a fellow Dukaner, who I discovered early in my journey and put her words on my fridge… Will I regret NOT eating this? The answer of course is always NO.

I ran into this problem yesterday. It’s been rare for me to be conflicted. Fortunately it wasn’t carbs, but low fat Gouda. I know, I know… Not allowed on Dukan, but I picked up a 200g block while in Shanghai as a treat on the train, along with my Shashimi.


I filled up on the Shashimi and had a tiny bite of the cheese. Then I took it and the ham slices to work for lunch with the intent of having a tiny amount again. I found myself OBSESSED with wanting to eat all of it! After my 4th little piece I started searching my inspirational quotes for some help and…

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