Dukan – Pure Protein Thursday

Consolidation Day 286 😀
Weight: 151 lbs/68.5 kgs

Thought I’d throw a Dukan PP day out there! I’m still going strong. Sticking mostly to the Consolidation plan.

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 250 mL water
Mid-morning: 4 slices of the yummiest bacon and a cafe con leche
Lunch: 2 big slices of roast beef, 500 mL water
Dinner: 3 pieces of baked chicken. Baked the chicken in a TBS coconut oil and sliced 1.5 onions and 4 cloves of garlic… Delish! 500 mL water
Before bed: Fat free Greek yogurt with chia seeds for fiber
Will finish the night off with another 500 mL after my run.

Met an amazing person today at the coffee shop. No seats available so I offered to share my table. I love when you two people wind up in the same place for a reason… I had a wonderful 3 hour conversation… SO NICE TO MEET YOU, STAR 🙂

Went for a walk in Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. Sadly, this park is closing due to budget constraints. Got to feed and pet and hold hands with a couple of kangaroos and wallabies. So much fun!



Now I’m going out for a run!


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