Dukan – Day 25 – Up, Up and Away

Early morning as I had a flight at 10 a.m. Quick coffee and big glass of water.
Then stuffing everything in my bag a and off to the airport by 0725 with Lucy. THANKS LUCY!!!


I’m on an Emirates 380. Biggest plane in the sky and gorgeous! I was able to upgrade to Business class for less than $100 USD πŸ™‚ I’m sitting in seat 6D and it’s comfy… Here’s the TV screen and the cubbyhole for my feet… but it’s my bag holder for the moment.


So, it is SO hard to turn down the amazingly yummy food this airline serves you, but I’m devoted to Dukan! My lunch appetizer was Seared Tuna Loin coated with white sesame seeds, on a light cauliflower panna cotta (didnt eat)with a tomato and soy dressing and warm fresh bread that I smelled, but didn’t touch and tested myself with leaving it on the tray and ignoring it… LOL πŸ˜€ I did eat the salad… It’s a PV day after all!


The main course was Seared Tenderloin topped with shallot sauce (that I begrudgingly scraped off), served with roast potatoes (also left on the plate) and some roasted veggies… Bell pepper, carrot and parsnips… I made sure I didn’t get any of that shallot gravy on them πŸ™‚


I did decide to have a couple of pieces of cheese. I’ve been good, I’ve been in ketosis for 3 weeks now and it felt a little like cheating. A cup of chamomile tea and listening to Adele in my headset…nice flight thus far.


I finally got to watch the end of Arthur… Missed the last 20 minutes on my flight to Abu Dhabi in August! I like Russell Brand, he’s pretty funny.

I also watched Something Borrowed and the movie that Ethel and Lucy have talked so much about… The Adjustment Bureau… Crazy movie!

Now I’m off to bed… G’nite everyone!

7 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 25 – Up, Up and Away

  1. Yeah that totally looks like the food I get on southwest.
    Your will is strong
    your heart is soft
    your face it smiles
    your hands they catch

    • Kathy, thanks!!!

      Charity, your words make my heart sing πŸ™‚ I love you so much! I am so grateful to have you for a niece and a friend. And ditto, those words apply to you just as much. One day another strong willed woman in our family will begin the journey to become a midwife and tell her classmates that she comes from a proud line of midwife ancestors!

  2. cool smiley face on your friend’s capuccino!! Enjoy your trip and stay strong!!
    Food looks great on that airline.. you should try Iberia.. puaggg

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