Just The Stats, Ma’am

This morning weight: 148
Goal weight: 155
Weeks since goal met: 13 or so

B/P this morning: 99/57
Pulse: 58
Cholesterol taken fasting on Monday: 138 😀
(I guess eating all those eggs and all that fatty meat isn’t clogging my arteries after all!)
These are from August 2011 & March 2012
Aug 20, 2011 / March 20, 2012
Chest: 42 / 36
Waist: 45 / 33
Hips: 56 / 42 (LOL, my HIPS are smaller than what my WAIST was!)

Measurements this morning:
Chest: 36
Waist: 29
Hips: 39
Total inches lost from just those 3 areas: 39 INCHES!
Overall inches lost: 61! I’m only 63 inches tall!

From the machine:
Lean Body Mass (bone, muscle, water): 79.4%
Body Fat Mass: 21.6%
BMI: 25.3 which is “overweight”. The BMI people don’t take all factors into consideration, so they can eff off…. I’m perfect, for me 🙂 I’ve got some leftover bits from losing 111 pounds, but I’m definitely not overweight, given I’m wearing a Size 8!!

And there’s the stats!


24 thoughts on “Just The Stats, Ma’am

  1. Hi Sandi! Great results with you stats! We are the same but I’m two inches shorter than you! I am 2 lb off goal now after one year on dukan and that is after Thailand so I’m pleased, lots of healthy choices on holiday so I didn’t put on 🙂 . Had fun which was the main thing! Hope the weather has improved for you x

  2. Sandi those are amazing numbers my friend!!! I particularly envy that chol. # mine is still whack-a-do. 29inch waist 🙂 Lots of lbm and 21% bf is super duper. Did you do the hydrostatic weight? or is there a different machine you used…
    Whatever the device, you are amazing, and yah…bmi is so yesterday 😉 no worries there.

      • hydrostatic weight refers to being weighed in the water (hydro) and is the ‘gold standard’ for deciphering the nuances of composition…I’ve never done it. I think the fancy schmancy body builders/physique models and so forth do it. Your machine at the hospital sounds like a great way to get the numbers!

  3. So proud of you Momma. 🙂 You’ve gone from a triangle to an hourglass. Did you realize that? Your whole shape has changed. If you can figure out how to transform me from an upside down triangle, that would be awesome! And yes, middle finger to the BMI. It is the most stupid measure of health and appropriate body weight.

    • Thanks, Kira 🙂 I look at pictures and can’t believe the changes in less than a year. Instill say you have the best legs of any woman I’ve seen in labor… Most women wouldn’t complain about your skinny-ass hips, lol!
      Love ya!

  4. Hi Sandi you are such an inspiration !!! Thanks to you I have lost 20.7kg only have 300g still to go – its taking its time but I will get there and this time will keep it off. Thank you from chilly South Africa

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