Thailand and Dukan – Day 86

Monday was a PV Day because of the limited choices while on holiday in Thailand.
Daily weight loss: GAIN- +0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Total weight loss: 41.5 lb/18.9 kg

Woke up to the beauty and mist of the mountains back in Kuraburi Lodge. Surrounded by the sounds of nature… Ahhhhhhh


Breakfast of hard fried eggs and bacon and a cup of coffee, then back to the room to pack for our next adventure.

About an hour and half on the road we arrived at Elephant Hills Resort and after a brief meeting about what we would be doing, we were led to our luxury tent rooms… And are they luxurious! Wow! Mattresses with memory foam, softest pillows in the world, amazing bathroom… just Wow!



After unpacking, we went to lunch buffet with delicious Thai food and then to our elephant experience! We walked down a mud track to an area where 13 elephants were brought in by their mahouts and we were given lessons about the difference between Asian and African elephants, about what they eat and how the mahout is with the elephant for life. The elephant hook is used the same as the reins on a horse to guide the elephant.
We then prepared a meal for our elephant, cutting sugar cane, chopping water melons and pineapples, preparing pumpkin and cucumbers and a special packet of tamarind, rice and sea salt wrapped in a banana leaf.
We then got to feed them… Oh it was wonderful! They reach in with their soft, delicate, yet powerful trunks and gently take the food from you. They cradle it in their trunk, near the “hand” (which, by the way, has one finger, versus the 2 that African elephants have), and then swing it in their mouths. Their tongues are huge! They really connect with you while feeding them.





After caring for the elephants we had a little snack break and then walked down to the Sok River for a one hour canoe trip. We each had our own canoe guide who did all the work. We had tea on the embankment and then continued on. We saw snake, gorgeous birds and a monitor lizard! Great afternoon!
Movie about elephants, Thai dancing by some adorable local children and buffet dinner, with a pad thai cooking demo, and a nice cup of coffee ended our day… Slept like a baby with the tent windows pulled back…. BLISS!

I’m off to the shower… Ciao!

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