Thailand & Dukan Day 88

Today was a PV Day.
Lost weight, but don’t have the stats… they are on iPhone.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs with onions and bran, bacon and sausage, while listening to monkeys chattering and birds chattering… Blissful way to start the morn.

We then headed out on a 3 hour trek through the rainforest. It was awesome… rugged,hilly, rocky terrain. It was challenging, yet fun! The trees that make up the canopy of the rainforest soar 150 feet over your head. We were surrounded by amazing, lush greenery and the sounds of birds and monkeys and rushing water of the creek we crossed, many times on teeny bamboo bridges.

Lunch was BBQ pork rolled in fresh cracked black pepper, turmeric, sea salt and garlic… Heaven! Everyone else ate that and coconut milk soup and scrambled eggs, which would have been perfect for me to eat, until the cook through in sugar šŸ˜¦ For dessert they had shredded coconut with sea salt, sugar and sticky rice… For me, the pork was good enough… Succulent and tasty, right off the barbie!

We then trekked 30 minutes back to Elephant Hills to pack up to move on to the beachside town of Krabi. The 3 days in Elephant Hills was AMAZING! It will be hard to get better service or accommodation or food… If you go to Thailand, it is a must do on your list!

Two and a half hours in a luxury van brings us out of the jungle and into a beachside touristy town called Krabi. We are staying at the Tipa Resort for 2 nights and we are on our own until tomorrow. Cathy and I got caught up on emails and Dominique and Karen met up with Dom’s friend Emma, who is on her honeymoon. Cathy and I had a yummy dinner in e resort’s restaurant. I had grilled chicken with onions, the presentation was gorgeous and a bowl of Tom Kah Gai soup, because it’s the one thing I won’t be denied while on this holiday!!! I literally slurped the broth to get as much of the flavor as I could… Exquisite flavors! Long walk through town, then a blissful sleep…

Life is good!













2 thoughts on “Thailand & Dukan Day 88

  1. Yes, do not worry is good advice. You are doing great. Great to do PV and stay away from sugar. Food looks wonderful and everyone is having fun according to the smiles.

    Thank you so much for the pictures. What a delight.

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