Doing It Your Way

Every day, even here in China, I have at least one person tell me I’ve lost enough weight. Why is it that people can’t just let you be in regard to weight loss? I still have 12 pounds to be at Dr. Dukan’s very generous “True Weight” for me of 165 and 22 pounds to be at the 155 I set for myself.

My other favorite is people who tell me I shouldn’t be running… I’m going to tear up my knees… I got news for ya peeps… I’ve had 2 surgeries on the left and one on the right… I’ve got 2 screws in the upper part of my right tibia… I saw the orthopedist in January while I was home and he said my knees looked better than before! And encouraged me to keep running… he even said HE COULDN’T BELIEVE he was saying that… So I’m going to keep running, because it makes me feel good! 🙂

I feel so lucky to have the support from my family, friends and fellow bloggers. But there are a few people out there that have private messaged me (you know who you are…LOL) to tell me that enough’s enough. What the hell?

Do you have people in your life that try to derail you from accomplishing goals? Do you find that these are typically people that don’t achieve their goals and therefore aren’t happy to see others in their lives succeed?

Onward I go! Ciao!

25 thoughts on “Doing It Your Way

  1. You keep on truckin’ and don’t listen to the poopers! I have come to realize as I got older that someone is always going to be standing there with a pin to bust my bubble . I am only recently learning not to allow that!

    So, you are healthy, you know your body so listen to your self and your inner voice and you will be fine! Lots of hugs and encouragement coming from my direction.

      • WOW, that was fast. LOL Her books are great. My favorite is A Place of Execution but its not a Tony Hill book. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at the BEA and I made a fool out of myself. LOL Have a great day, night, afternoon whatever the hell it is in China!

      • LOL… I’m sitting here and I get the notifications 🙂 I read your post about meeting her, how awesome that must have been! I’ll download A Place of Execution next, for a break from the Tony and Carol saga 🙂
        p.s. it’s night here, 822 p.m. here to be specific 🙂

  2. People are constantly telling me I dont need to lose any weight, Im 5ft1 and 11.5 stone! I think I know that I do! its so annoying, and it must be even more so when they tell you that you’ve lost enough weight. As long as your healthy and not getting dangerously thin, so what you want!! 🙂

  3. Hello Sandi,

    I’ve been following your blog for the past week, I love it! I came across it whilst searching for Dukan inspired receipes. I have just commited myself to the diet, I’ve got 1 and a half stone of baby weight to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I look forward to reading or blog and find you very inspiring, not only for your fabulous acheivement with your weight loss but also your wonderful career as a midwife.
    I am currently studying for a foundation in Health degree. On successful completion I will be applying to study midwifery or paediatric nursing.

    I too find alot of people very unsupportive. The usual comments are usually ‘don’t lose any more weight or you will disappear’ despite the fact that they have known me for years one and a half stone lighter than I am now. I often explain to them, I do not wish to be skinny, just back to my normal size. The other one i hear is ‘how can you not eat bread?’ Quite easily actually.

    I have experienced it with my studies too. ome people are very encouraging and supportive, others not so. One of my family members (not immediate, thank goodness) said ‘why do you want to be a health professional? It takes years of study. I could’nt be bothered.’ Yes, YOU could’nt be bothered, but I am!!! Someone else even asked me if I was clever enough to study at that level. I took great delight informing them that I achieved all my credits in my biology module at DISTINCTION!! 🙂 So yeah, I’d say I am.

    I think there are many people in life Sandi that do not have the ambition, courage and willpower to achieve their dreams and they try to bring you down or sabatoge your efforts.
    I persoanlly have no time for these people and choose to ignore their comments.

    Keep smiling lovely lady. You are living the dream and looking fabulous whilst doing so 🙂

    Emma B xx

    • Thank you, Emma B! I love your attitude! I look forward to hearing more from you and how you are finding your way on the Dukan journey.
      Also, congrats on your studies! A career in midwifery or pediatric nursing would be awesome… the health field is such an amazing place to work and you will find it so rewarding 🙂 Bread? Who needs it? LOL… My tummy is flat and I don’t feel bloated anymore, isn’t it great!!??
      Thanks for stopping by! Continue following your dreams, as well 😀

  4. Hi Sandi, Keep on doing what you are doing and stuff! what some people say! You know what is right for you, weight and exercise wise. You look great, your day out hiking on Sunday looked like so much fun and a fab workout too! I have now lost 40 lbs and all of a sudden people are now commenting and asking how, and then how much have I lost, how much was i was originally! And then go on to say I don’t need to loose weight – um yes I do as i was nearly 14 stone at 5 2! Beside one friend who said you look amazing now you are no longer a chub chub – that made me laugh! True !!! I love this diet, I’ve tried them all even slimming pills:( Dukan works! Keep writing you fab blogs- I look forward to them love Meg x

    • Thanks, Meg 🙂 Chub, chub… lovely, LOL Oh the things people say. And that “how much did you weigh when you started” question is amazing… I asked someone a few days ago how much they weighed in response.

  5. People love say things like that to dieters. Perhaps diet envy? I haven’t even lost half the weight I’m supposed to and already I’m hearing it. The key is just to keep your eye on your goal, if it’s somewhere you’ve been before, you will know if it is realistic.

    • Could be diet envy, Janie… I just find it sad that we can’t just lift people up and celebrate with them, instead of constantly trying to pull people down in the quicksand! What a wonderful world this would live in if we practiced grace with each other more 🙂
      p.s. Welcome… and 1/2 way there is awesome!!!

  6. I really second what everyone else has already said!

    It does amaze me how someone’s weight / weight loss is treated as if its open for public discussion! You know YOU, no-one can tell you who to be or what to want for yourself. In the end, you are the one who has to live with you.

    I dont find people being too negative about my weight loss, obviously I was huge and am still pretty big, so people can see I still have a way to go so they are mostly encouraging.

    I’ve had people hold my hand and say pityingly “do you feel better?” that cheeses me off so I just say “I didnt feel bad before thanks.” Quite a few people being negative about me being able to keep the weight off, suddenly everyone is a weight loss expert and know hundreds of people who’ve done the Dukan / SIMILAR??? and they have all put the weight back on and more!!! BLA BLA BLA. This touches a bit of a raw nerve with me as this is probably the thing I worry about most.

  7. My friend,
    There are those that will sabotage you at every turn and those of us that will hold you up at every turn! You are an inspiration to many. I think you have always been lovely (both inside and out) and have always wanted YOU to be happy. Keep on keeping on. I am right behind you! xoxoxoxo

  8. oh some people just need duct tape over their mouths (or around their fingers!) that can only be removed if someone wants to hear what they have to say! You are doing amazing! Kudos to you and extra sticky duct tape to them!

  9. Eh, some people hate when others do things differently because it forces them to take an honest look at themselves and it makes them uncomfortable. Instead of being happy for you and your changes, they look at it as a threat because this means that your relationship with them will change and they will have to change in some way too. People hate change. What can I say? People are inherently self-involved.

    Oh yeah, and they saw the picture of your booty and they’re understandably jealous.

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