Dukan – Emotional Eating


Emotional eating… Something most of us do at some point in our lives, but can easily get out of control. I emotional ate just now, for the first time since last August. It’s been an emotional few days. The 20th anniversary of my dads death, watching the first 11 episodes of Season 5 Grey’s Anatomy, topped off by my first headache in 11 months (I’m sure caused from crying… over both of the aforementioned things) and the cream on the cupcake? Hearing George Michael over the mall Muzak. Memories of my first birthday in Abu Dhabi flooded my memory. Oy!
So, I bought headache medicine (Bayer in the blue box), chased it with a double shot cafe latte and headed to the movie theater on the top floor and purchased a small container of popcorn. To make it even worse… It’s kettle corn! So sweet popcorn, yay!
It was good. I ain’t lying! And I feel better! Headache gone 🙂


Will I comfort feed again? Probably. Will I do it regularly? Nope. I love how I look and feel.

I will continue to eat good food, run 5 times a week and do yoga. I ran in Hong King yesterday morning, until a storm brought lightning! I love running in the rain, but not rain with lightning 🙂 Slow run since the ground was slick and I was being as careful as possible!


Want to end on a sweet note. My little baby from last week came in for a visit today…


Isn’t he a cutie?


23 thoughts on “Dukan – Emotional Eating

  1. I do this too, i think it’s a woman thing 🙂 If i have had a bad day i think ‘Ooo chocolate will make it better’…it never does but i never learn! As long as its just now and again then treat yourself. 4 weeks into trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle once again, the chocolate cravings have finally gone…now if i could only cope without my Diet Coke…
    Feeling pretty smug with myself today…managed Day 1 Wk 3 of C25K despite a severe burning right flank and back from stupid kidney stones..i WILL do it 🙂

  2. Progress not perfection….tis a journey and YOU are SO ON IT. In fact, you may see a bump down on that hunk of metal on the floor after a ‘re-feed’ like that…jack up the metabolism, although yours never seems to stall…. big hugs Sandi.

  3. Oceannah, I love it. Progress is not perfection, til a journey. I’m going to have to write that down.
    Dang, I had a bad day yesterday. You were SO much better than me though. Count it. Before golf (supper): a hot dog, 10 oz pepsi (only because my cup broke in the golf cart and the rest spilled out), a snickers bar, and . . . (sigh) three hours later after golf? Arnold Palmer and a plate of nachos. sigh

    On a good side? I only had strawberries and blueberries for lunch. For breakfast, I had some black bean hummus, baby carrots, and swiss cheese. So, there’s that.


    Heat index over 100 again. No end in sight. Hard to get motivated.

    • My body would probably make me pay for it if I had a snickers, Sandra. I’m a salty girl, though… Would have much preferred the popcorn to have been salty and buttery 🙂
      100 degree heat index… BLECH!

      • Yes, it’s been going on for 2 weeks and there is no end in sight. Blech indeed!! Four weeks of 95-100? Really?

        Oh, and I’m not saying my body isn’t making me pay for it. I hardly slept last night. Was it worth it? Maybe. I haven’t had a snickers since I shared it with my Dad (in spirit) on May 8, the one year anniversary of his passing.

  4. Drink water. Your body is composed of about 60% water. Every job in your body happens in a fluid environment. For example, this fluid is used in digestion and absorption of food, circulation and transportation of nutrients (blood and lymph), production of saliva, and regulation of body temperature. It is also used to keep your muscles, joints and skin lubricated. It protects your organs and tissues. Water helps eliminate toxins (through breath, sweat, urine, and feces). It also helps you have regular bowel movements.

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